30for30 Day2


I swear, the forces that be do NOT want me to get into this remix. I'd barely started and I was informed that today (my Day 2) is "jerseys" day at work. We're all supposed to wear football jerseys in honor of Super Bowl weekend.

Hm. OK. As I'm sure you noticed, a football jersey was not included in my 30for30 items.

At first, I thought I'd just not count today. Then, I decided to work with it. The jersey itself would be a freebie, because there was no way I was going to wear it again in the next 30 days, but whatever I wore with it would either have to come from my 28 previously selected items or fill in my 2 blanks.

I really tried to make a the jersey work with something I'd previously picked out. At one point, I was wearing it over a shift dress, with a jacket over the top. It just didnt' work. It looked like something I'd have come up with at three years old.

So, I filled my #29 and #30 spots. With things that will likely not be that helpful when it comes to making 28 more outfits. But I've got spirit, dammit!

Oh, also? My jersey is a British Premiere League football jersey for Mark's team, Arsenal. So yeah. Soccer. Hopefully that's close enough.




I'm wearing:
Arsenal 2009 season away jersey (freebie, belongs to Mark)
#29 Banana Republic long-sleeved navy boat neck t-shirt (thrifted)
#30 NY&Co skinny jeans
#27 Franco Sarto Moto boots (no longer available, sadly)


I think you look great! Can you wear a coat more than once? HOPE SO! bbrrrr...

You are definitely "Fly" in this outfit. :-)

Very cute. Can't wait to see the rest of your outfits as they emerge!

A woman after my own heart with the futbol jersey. I went to our local pro team's pre-season game against the Portland Timbers tonight. Fun!

The jeans look great on you!

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