30for30 Day 1


As promised, today I'm wearing my first outfit. It hasn't been an auspicious start. First, I realized that my #1 item, the black dress with the small white polka dots, isn't actually fitting me at my current weight. Nice. Then I discovered that it was 25 freaking degrees and all thoughts of style were secondary to concerns about warmth and coziness.

So I went for warm and cozy. And...monotone.

30for30 Day 1.4

30for30 Day 1.3

30for30 day 1.2

30for30 Day 1.1

What you see here is my thrifted BCBG sweater dress (item #3), worn with my new Ros Hommerson flat black boots (item #25). All I've added are a pair of thick patterned tights I bought in Norway a long time ago and an old gifted Banana Republic gray and black floral silk scarf as a belt. So much for embracing accessories.

I don't hate this outfit, though. It's boring, but it does the job of being cozy and comfortable and it's still pretty cute. It'd like it better if the dress wasn't a turtleneck. And I did try to force myself a bit out of my comfort zone by tying the scarf as an obi-style belt, but it just looked odd, so this was my compromise.

Also? In the future I'll try to remember to take photos without my uber stylish work ID already attached.

At least I started! Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow.

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