30for30 Day 10


This outfit is one of the reasons I decided to do 30for30. It's something I've put on before, decided was cute, and then not worn because other things seemed easier, or because I was afraid it wasn't really work appropriate. When he saw me this morning, Mark asked if I was channeling Joan (from Mad Men). So what do you think--appropriate for the office?

30for30 Day 10

30for30 Day 10

30for30 Day 10

30for30 Day 10

I'm wearing:
#4 Ann Taylor teal ponte shift dress
#23 Lapis black swing jacket (thrifted)
#25 Ro Hommerson Sidney flat black boots (also worn on Day1, Day 5, and Day 6)

-black tights (Long Tall Sally)
-silver and amethyst chip necklace (Overstock.com)

And it's Day 10! I'm 1/3 of the way there! Shall we take a look at the first 10 days?

30for30 day 1.2IMG_357930for30 Day 330 for 30 Day 430for30 Day 5
30for30 Day 630for30 Day 730for30 Day 830for20 Day 930for30 Day 10

Which is your favorite look so far? Least favorite?


I think you look terrific! Very nice for an office job. You go girl!

Love all the pics lined up next to each other. Really shows how hard you're working to change it up each day. You look great!!!



This is my favorite. This is totally a me outfit. I would wear this outfit. I think I HAVE this outfit, in several blue-dress-boxy-black-jacket-knee-high-boots variations, both vintage and non.

Tell Mark that Joan actually hasn't followed the boxy, non "wiggle" trend into the mid-60s, and would never wear this because she's still in her Mamie van Doren dresses, which now that she's "Mrs. Harris" and older are starting to make her look dated. It's an actual conscious choice the wardrobe people made for her--she's not moving past 1959, because it worked so well for her.

Betty would wear this. Betty was also trapped in the 50s, style-wise, until her divorce, but now has an entirely new wardrobe built along these mid-sixties lines. I know way too disgustingly much about this because I read obsessively about it when I need to be studying.

Favorites day 5,6, 8.
Least Favorite: Today, it just doesn't flatter your best asset, which is your beautiful curves.

100% appropriate, and only mildly bootylicious.

Work appropriate but I don't really like the jacket. It is a bit too boxy and I don't like the short jacket look. The colors are fantastic though!

I really like the simple black dress with the scarf around the waist.

This look is ok, but not your best. I agree with Rachel that this look hides your curvy assets.

Also? My least fav (so far) is the white stocking look. My fav (so far) is the gray skirt, boots and red blouse.

I like it, though I think it would look even better if the jacket were a touch shorter - ideally it should hit right above your waist for maximum emphasis.

My fav is the 1st pic and the gray slacks with maroon top. But today's outfit is totally app for work!
It's classy.
And thrifted jacket?! My kinda thing.

Ooh. I just noticed the skirt and red top combo. Really, really like that one.

Grace, my favorite is day 9! They all look real nice on you. Are you losing weight?

# 8 is my favorite. Although I think you look fantastic in all of them. I am so envious of your ability to create gorgeous, flattering outfits. I need to take lessons from you!

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