30for30 Day 11


This shirt is another one of those wardrobe problem pieces that I added to the 30for30 to force myself to figure out a way to wear. I like it--the print is great and I like the style--but the shininess always strikes me as suspect, and it's both too short to tuck in and not structured enough to leave out.

I think this works, though. What do you think?

30for30 Day 11

30for30 Day 11

30for30 Day 11

And are you tired of my new love of belts yet?

30for30 Day 11

I'm wearing:
#14 Banana Republic green and black cowl neck top (outlet store)
#8 Ann Taylor Loft Ann charcoal pinstripe wide leg pants (also worn on Day #5)
#26 Antia black laced wedges (also worn on Day #4 and Day #9)

-Betsy Johnson studded black stretch belt (Ross)
-silver matte bangle bracelets (no idea...)
-silver concentric circles necklace (Ebay)

And a question: I'm really starting to hate my hair. Should I change it? How?


I love it! I love that outfit and that is saying a lot since I generally don't like that shade of green.

I LOVE this outfit. I think it's my favorite so far. That color looks great on you and I like the shiny fabric.

I may have to try the belt thing. I see a lot of unstructured shirts that I like but I feel like they're too "floppy" or something. This is a neat compromise.

This may be my favorite look yet...you look wonderful!

Agreed with everyone else on the love of this outfit.

Love this one! And I agree the color is beautiful on you. I'm also loving the belts! It's making want to go out and get some for myself. Not sure I could pull it off as well as you though.

As for hair, have you tried different hairstyles with your current cut? I've started watching a lot of youtube hair tutorials to give me some ideas on what to do with my hair. This one is one of my favorites, it has 10 different quick styles for med-long hair: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8N3s7O8l6k

This is a wonderful look!

I think this is my favourite of all the outfits you've posted :)

I love that shirt!

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