30for30 Day 12


The other day, my friend Emily and I were discussing whether or not it is appropriate to wear skinny jeans to work--on a casual day, obviously. We have casual Fridays at my office (though I so far haven't typically participated in them), so I decided to try it out today.


30for30 Day 12

30for30 Day 12

30for30 Day 12

30for30 Day 12

Personally, I'm not loving this. I think it makes me look a bit bottom heavy.

I'm wearing:
#30 NY & Co. skinny jeans (also worn on Day #2)
#11 Old Navy printed button down shirt in pink ditzy floral (also worn on Day #7)
#28 Softspots purple suede wedges (also worn on Day #3 and Day #7)

-chunky jade choker (gift)
-purple jade earrings (gift)


They look GREAT on you! Not a bottom-heavy look at all. I am encouraged now, because I really thought they'd only look good on the size 6s of the world, which we are NOT. And I think they are both tailored-looking, and have a crisp enough coloring to be perfectly apropos for a casual day.

I feel like a well-cut and fitted pair of jeans is more appropriate for the workplace than a whole lot of what passes off as business casual. You look great.

I think these are very well fitting jeans, and you look great in them. If you had a bunch of distressing or whiskering, I think it would be less appealing. The look is good, but you might be for comfortable in a more conservative blouse or sweater. You look great, Grace!

I like the jeans, but the shirt isn't doing anything for me. I think the jeans are ok, but you need a more fitted top to go with them. Or belt the shirt.

I vote with Jennifer. The jeans look great, but the top is too blousey.

At this moment I am wearing a camo baseball cap and a t-shirt with a tiger on it, though, so perhaps I'm not qualified for this consult.

The jeans are perfect, but I'd throw a blazer or a sweater over the top. It's cute, but the proportions aren't quite right--I think that's where you get the idea that you look bottom-heavy. Which you don't, not at all, but still.

You look great! I really like this outfit.

I like the outfit!

I don't think they look too bottom heavy at all! But for work I've found that skinny jeans work best with boots. They still look flattering, but for some reason the boots even out the leg or something and make it more work appropriate.
I love when the 30 for 30 gets people to try new things!

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