So some days, it's a chilly Wednesday morning and you just wake up with that va-va-voom feeling. I say go with that.

However, it would behoove you (you meaning me, of course) not to balance your camera on a stack of shiny vintage saucers to photograph your hawtness. Because glare? Not hot.

Sorry about these pictures. I just didn't have time to re-do them.

30for30 Day 14

30for30 Day 14'

30for30 Day 14

And, because it is cold, the cardigan contingency plan. With pattern mixing, even!

30for30 Day 14

I'm wearing:
#1 Charter Club black with white mini polka dot straight shirt dress (thrifted)
#20 Charter Club red and black cropped cardigan (thrifted, also worn on Day #6)
#26 Antia black laced wedges (also worn on Day #4, Day #9, and Day #11)

-brick red elastic belt with brass bird closure (Ross, I think)
-silver hoop earrings (some little shop in Boston)
-black tights (Hue, TJ Maxx or Marshall's)

Now, on to my rant. Yesterday, I had the displeasure of overhearing one of those "she was so fat..." conversations. It was, of course, couched in polite terms, like "not good for her health," but it was really your basic judging talk about how some woman had "let herself go." And the kicker? The part where one of the conversants said, "she must weigh close to 200 pounds."

OK. Go back up to the top and look at my pictures. The woman in those shots, as of this morning, weighs 223.6 pounds. Yes, I am also six feet tall, but even at my height, that puts my (bullshit) body mass index at 30.3. Obesity is a BMI of 30 or greater.

I have been working very hard over the past seven weeks to improve my physical condition. I attend the gym 3-5 days a week (shoot for 5, insist on 3, usually end up with 4) for 60-90 minutes. I do a trainer-created weight routine and a 30 minute cardio routine at each visit. I can feel myself getting stronger, and I'm observing changes in my body (and needing belts for my pants). What I am not doing, however, is losing any weight. I have been fluctuating between 220 and 225 lbs the whole time, depending on time of day/place of day in cycle. I haven't lost an ounce. Still just as "obese" as I was seven weeks ago.

I'm realizing, the more I get into feeling better and being stronger, that it really doesn't make a whole lot of difference if I ever lose any weight. I like the way I look, and the more I work out, the better I like the way I feel. As a clotheshorse, I would like to go down 1-2 clothing sizes, just for the sake of easier availability, but if I can do that without ever getting below that dreaded 200 lb. mark, that is totally fine with me.

My point, I guess, is two-fold. First, this is what a 223.6 lb woman looks like. I think some people are confused. Second, the number has almost no relationship with how you feel. I feel miles better than I did when I started trying to get into shape. I've made huge progress. And the scale just isn't any part of that.


You look fantastic.

Wooohhhoooo Gracie!! Yer killin me with your hottness!

I love this post. You look fantastic.

The gorgeous-factor between you and Skye was a little overwhelming to me when I met you! It would never have occurred to me to guess the weight of anyone and I completely agree that it's about how you feel that counts the most.

I am not six feet tall and weigh quite a bit more than you. I lost a little weight before the holidays (have since gained it back) and the one thing I really appreciated about it was that lightening up made it easier to do Kung Fu. I have been more focused on physical stamina than on weight (being able to ride my bicycle downtown and back without being exhausted, getting through an hour and fifteen minute combat circuit training Kung Fu class, etc)

To feel strong is so amazing. The day I finally could do five full push-ups made me ridiculously happy.

I do miss being able to wear great clothes.

Grace you are so right people are so connected to the number they have no idea what it looks like. You look fabulous, just radiant. Feeling strong is an amazing power knowing you can do things like lift weight or run for 30 minutes is such a huge boost to our self image.

This is a lovely post and was quite encouraging for me :-) Thanks. You rawk.

DAAAMMMMNNNN!! *whistles* You are Hawt!

Love this post, Grace. As an ACTIVE plus size woman I can relate to just about everything in it.

I love this dress on you. You are tall, confident, and beautiful. We are real people blogging about fashion - what could be more beautiful than that. Women who support other women rule!

I stumbled upon your blog somehow while looking at pictures of puppies and couldn't stop reading. Your comments here about weight are absolutely amazing, and I love you for them!

As a plus-size girl who can't get a break when it comes to the terror of the scale, I am inspired by your pictures and your honesty. :D

From one "Obese" girl to another, thanks!

You look great - I LOVE that dress!!
I have overhead many of those same coversations and they bother me on so many levels. For starters, the assumption that anything more than a size 6 is fat, as well as the assumption that "fat" is bad or unattractive.

As someone who weighs close to 200 lbs and is a size 12, I can relate. No one ever believes I weigh as much as I do because "You're not fat! There's no way you weigh that much."

Really? Tell that to my scale and my the scale at the doctor's office.

My BMI is pretty high too, but I have never had a doctor tell me I need to lose weight. Would I like to be in better shape? Absolutely! I'm exercising and eating better with being healthier in mind. If I lose weight in the process that's fine. If not, oh well.

175 here, at 5'7". NOT fat, not even close. YOU, my dear are an Amazon, and totally hot! The number doesn't matter. IF you are trying to be in better shape, you are doing exactly the right thing. And muscle tissue is much denser than fat, so the numbers are not likely to go south. I'd be much more concerned with someone who looked down, than someone who has put on weight. That's what I think of as "having let one's self go."

And that red cardigan, is the perfect color for you!

I think the glare was actually steam because you were looking so hot! Thanks so much for your honesty about money and weight. It is refreshing and why are a role model to so many of your readers!

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