30for30 Day 15


Over the course of the first half of the 30for30, I've identified three items in my 30 that I just don't like. This cardigan is one of them. It's just...not quite right. It should be longer, the neckline shouldn't be so wide, it should have different buttons, and so on. I'm attempting to wear it anyway, and I'm not particularly happy with the results.

30for30 Day 15

30for30 Day 15

30for30 Day 15

30for30 Day 15

Rest assured that I did re-tie my scarf after I took these pictures. Sorry about that.

I'm wearing:
#22 Purple v-neck cardigan (thrifted)
#9 Banana Republic Jackson wide-leg suit pants in gray alloy (also worn on on Day #7)
#27 Franco Sarto Moto brown boots (also worn on Day #2 and Day #8)

-lavender floral tank top (Target, counting this as a freebie, like tights, since it's basically underwear)
-lavender and gray striped linen and cotton scarf (thrifted)
-bronze circular beaded bracelets (gift)

So tell me what you think--does this sweater look awkward to you? Should it go in my "to donate" bag?


I don't think it looks awkward in fact it looks great but if you don't like the sweater and it makes you FEEL awkward then you should donate.

I don't think it looks awkward either, but if it feels awkward then it's probably should go! Maybe try it with a skirt? For some reason, I find certain cardigans are great with skirts and not pants, and vice versa!

I have to agree with Melissa. The cardigan is SO cute, but what really matters is how it makes you feel.

I love this outfit. The sweater is really cute on you. Maybe because it's a lighter color than you've been wearing? Maybe you just look great in purple? I don't know, but I think that if you don't like it, pitch it. Also, I love your hair pulled back--it looks so youthful and fun.

I love the color combo here. I think I have this outfit, actually.

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