30for30 Day 16


This morning was one of those mornings where just getting out of the house with clothes on was an accomplishment, so I'm thinking I get bonus points if I look at all cute.

This outfit, like the majority of those I've worn this week, brings two things to mind:
1. I am getting really sick of these clothes.
2. A scarf makes everything better. Seriously, this is what I am taking away from the 30for30--if anything is wrong, just add a scarf.

30for30 Day 16

30for30 Day 16

30for30 Day 16

30for30 Day 16

I'm wearing:
#18 Ann Taylor Loft burgundy scoop neck sweater (also worn on Day #9)
#5 Josephine Chaus black a-line skirt (also worn on Day #4)
#25 Ros Hommerson Sidney flat black boots (also worn on Day #1, Day #5, Day #6, Day #10, and Day #13)

-purple paisley silk scarf (thrifted)
-wide black elastic belt with leather buckle (Steve Madden via TJ Maxx)
-black tights (Hue)
-green glass bead and silver earrings (LBB)


This is one of my favorites that you've put together it's fabulous! Love the color and the accessories it's a win all around.

If this is what you can pull off on a bad morning, you are my hero!

I think you look fantastic. That color is great on you.

I love this! You look amazing.

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