30for30 Day 17


In the mirror, I liked this outfit a lot. In the photos, it doesn't work for me at all. I can't quite tell you why, except to say that I feel blocky in it. I also don't think the belt works, but the skirt doesn't have belt loops and definitely requires a belt, so I'm not sure how I could have done it better.

Oh well. It feels like spring here today,and that has me daydreaming about wearing clothes that are as far away from my 30for30 selections as possible!

30for30 Day 17

30for30 Day 17

30for30 Day 17

30for30 Day 17

I'm wearing:
#29 Banana Republic navy blue boatneck long-sleeved tee (thrifted, also worn on Day #2)
#6 Anne Klein taupe fluted stirt (thrifted, also worn on Day #6)
#28 Softspots purple suede wedges (also worn on Day #3, Day #7, and Day #12)

-cocoa brown tights (Hue, TJ Maxx)
-tan wide elastic belt (thrifted)
-recycled sari scarf (gift)
-silver charm bracelet (Ebay)
-silver and turquoise bead earrings (LBB)


i like it! good colors, i like the belt thingy (is that a belt? whatever it is, i like it) and the skirt is very flattering. i think it works. but i know the feeling of thinking your outfit is awesomesauce and then taking pictures and thinking wtf happened?

I love it from the side, but not so much from the front. :(

I think the belt itself would be ok if it were a different color. It just doesn't match. If it were a darker brown I think it would look much better.

Something about the colors don't wor for me and I think it would be better without the scarf.

I like the whole outfit. I think the colors work very well together and it looks good on you, too.

I actually like the whole shebang, but you will be hard pressed to get me to tell you that you look bad in anything, given how gorgeous you are ;). The only thing I would change would be the... hmmm... placement of the belt, maybe. Also, your butt looks great!

I actually really like this and think you look great! The blue is great on you.

You look great from the waist up & from the knees down. I kwym about the blocky (it drives me crazy when I have it, too). My thought is have the skirt altered if possible, or donate it.

I think it looks really fabulous. It really accentuates your great bod.

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