30for30 Day 3

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First, can I just say that I take the worst self-portraits known to woman? These are just awful. I think I need one of those flexi-tripods so I can set the camera up higher and not have every shot be below my face level (all the better to produce glare off my chins). But for now, we'll make do with what we've got.

It's Monday, kids. Today we're going for cozy, simple, and professional enough to get me by.

30 for 30 Day 3

30for30 Day 3

30 for 30 Day 3

30 for 30 Day 3

What you see here is:
#7 Ann Taylor Loft Ann black and white mini houndstooth wide leg trousers
#16 Calypso blue Banana Republic whipstitch v-neck sweater
#28 Softspots purple suede wedges

Accessories are:
-wide black leather Tommy Hilfiger belt (Ross)
-vintage Vera Neumann lavender floral scarf (thrifted)

I actually like this more in live action that I do in the photos. I think it makes me look kinda shapeless in the pictures, but it's a bit more flattering in real life. I also LOVE the softness of the sweater and finally figuring out how to wear this great scarf.


Love it! This is my idea of business attire.

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