30for30 Day 6


Does this outfit look challenging? It really was. I love the shape of this skirt, but it has two major flaws: first, it's too big around the waist, even though it's a size smaller than I typically take these days, and secondly, it's brown. I just don't do brown. Earth tones are my least favorite. So I'm never quite sure how to style it.

All that said, I think this worked out OK in the end. The belt helps a ton with the waist problem, and in reality, wearing it with black (which I know some people frown on!) is the only way I'm ever going to make this skirt work.

30for30 Day 6

30for30 Day 6

Showing off my belt:
30for30 Day 6

WHAT is going on with my hair (with gratuitous Illy sighting)?
30for30 Day 6

The players:
#6 Anne Klein taupe fluted skirt (thrifted)
#10 Ann Taylor short sleeved ruched black sweater (also seen on Day 4, this is going to be a workhorse item)
#20 Charter Club red and black cropped cardigan (thrifted)
#25 Ros Hommerson Sidney tall flat black boots (also seen on Day 1 and Day 5)

The supporting cast:
-thick black tights (another buy on my trip to Norway, I think)
-Betsy Johnson studded black elastic belt (Ross)
-copper and bronze tubular beaded bracelets (gift)
-resin butterfly earrings (via Little Black Box)


I love it! My fav. work pants are brown. I wear them with reds, pinks, purples. And today I'm wearing them with a bright cerulean blue sweater.

I love that skirt. :)

Great outfit! Love the shape and color of the skirt. The pattern and color of your cardi is pretty. I think cats know when we're taking pics for our blogs!
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