30for30 Day 8


Today's outfit is a study in mixing neutrals, and I gotta tell you all--it works for me. What do you think? Too much neutral mixing? Does it seem intentional?

30for30 Day 8

30for30 Day 8

And a Valentine's Day kiss for all of you!

30for30 Day 8

Today's is also an almost-all thrifted outfit! I'm wearing:
#2: Navy and white Dockers floral shirt dress (thrifted)
#21: Cream cardigan with black beading (thrifted)
#27: Franco Sarto Moto brown boots

And accessories:
-wide tan belt (thrifted)
-gray tights (Hue via TJ Maxx)
-Banana Republic gold interlocking circles necklace (gift)


Again with the cute high belt! Good work.

I think this is my favorite so far!

Perfect blend of neutrals. I totally see this look with a fancy pair of heels or flats and a cute clutch. Perfect day to evening wear outfit.

I love it! I've never thought of mixing neutrals like this. I must remedy my wardrobe now. My favorite colors are black, grey and charcoal grey. I'm sure I could add some tan, cream and chocolate brown in there somewhere and make it work!

I'm really not a color person - this outfit is super cute. :)

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