Bloggie Blogs: Who made the cut?


Last week, I told you about how I was adding all the Bloggie nominees to my blog roll, to evaluate and see who should be added long-term. The influx of new posts in my reader has been substantial, and a few of the blogs didn't last a day, but I've narrowed it down now, so I thought I'd share the permanent additions. There are quite a number of them--more than I'd expected. For organizational purposes (and in case you want to go vote), I'm going to list them by Bloggie category. If I didn't keep a blog, that doesn't mean it's bad--there are just some types of blogs I'm not interested in reading very often, or whose writing doesn't resonate with me. I'm also not including the nominees who were already in my feed reader, of which they were several.

Best African Blog:
My Marrakesh: I can't resist the photographs on this blog.
3limes: I'm intrigued by the stories of a family's adaptation to many new homes.

Best European Blog:
Lost in Cheeseland: How could I say no to a look at daily life in Paris?

Best Canadian Blog:
Attack of the Redneck Mommy: I used to read this, and it fell off my reader for some reason/at some point. Back on now!
Her Bad Mother: Funny!

Best LGBT Blog:
Lesbian Dad: A very pleasant parenting blog.

Best Sports Blog:
Kickette: One of my favorite new additions--funny posts about hot footballers.

Best Art, Craft, or Design Blog:
Young House Love: Very much enjoying well written posts about home decor and remodeling.
How About Orange: Yet another inspirational craft blog!

Best Food Blog:
Bakerella: This is another one that used to be in my reader and then wasn't and now is again.

Best Parenting Blog:
Snarky Mom: Again with the funny.
Pistols & Popcorn: I like the realism here.

Best Fashion or Beauty Blog:
Ain't No Mom Jeans: Really enjoying this new addition to my ever-growing fashion blog list.

Best Designed Blog:
Life as Rose: Design doesn't make a huge difference through a reader, but I like the writing on this person blog as well!

Most Humorous Blog:
Mommy Wants Vodka: Yep, funny!

Best Writing of a Blog:
The Fabulous Geezersisters: God, I love a well-written blog!

Best Group or Community Blog:
Curvy Girl Guide: This is another new favorite--great fashion blogging and body image stuff.

Best New Blog:
A Year of Blogging Dangerously: Funny, well-written, not always office-appropriate.
The World According to Curly Girl: Mmm...pretty stuff.
Curvy Girl Guide: see above

Lifetime Achievement:
Girls Gone Child: Really well done posts on a variety of topics.

Blog of the Year:
The Year of Blogging Dangerously: see above

That's 20 new blogs for my reader! Yay!

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