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I was syndicated on BlogHer.comY'all! I did something rad today! I achieved a goal! I got a post syndicated on BlogHer! Please please please go over to my post on navigating the unemployment system and show me some love?

This bit of good news reminds me of something I was going to share with y'all anyway. I'm trying to get people to read my blog. I mean, I've always liked it when people read my blog, but lately, I really want a bigger and more involved audience, so I'm taking steps to try to make that happen. It's nothing Earth-shattering--I'm doing more contests, posting more regularly, becoming more involved in other blogs I like (which I am really enjoying for its own sake), and using Facebook and Twitter to promote myself--but it seems to be slowly working. I took a look at my Google Analytics today and learned that while my visits are actually down about 4% over the past month, time spent on the site is up over 40%! People are hanging out longer! My Feedburner tells me that I have 116 subscribers, up from an average of 71 since it was installed. These are not huge numbers by any means, but they're a good start. And if you are one of the new folks, welcome! I hope you'll stick around.

There are, however, pieces of blog optimization advice I am just not willing to take. The biggest one I am ignoring is the advice to blog on only one topic. While I understand the reasons to do this, I just...don't wanna. I participate in a single subject blog (Heroine Content), and while I very much enjoy that, it's really limiting. As someone who started blogging completely for herself and who still does it first to please herself, that doesn't work for me. If pushed, I say my blog does have a single primary subject--me. As my interests wax and wane, so do my blog topics. It may not garner me as much traffic as another approach would, but it keeps me interested in writing, which I think is more important.

There are other canards that I haven't yet gotten into, but I am considering. I'd love to trade guest posts with someone, for example. I'm looking around for more blog carnival type activity to get involved in. And I'm working on legal ways to incorporate more pictures that weren't taken by my point and shoot on a timer. Most of all, though, I am really trying to listen to you all. If you want to see something here, I'm going to try to do it. So let me know if there's something you think I'm missing that would improve the quality of WINOW--I live to serve!


I don't get the guest posting thing. Whenever I go to someone's blog and they have guest posts because they are on vacay or something, I just quit reading. I don't want to read some random blog post - I want to read the people I like. Is that weird?

There will never be a better way to gain readers than to visit more blogs and leave meaningful comments there; meaningful being the key word. And congrats on the BlogHer feature...I am off to provide some lurve over there!

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