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I am reading a ton of blogs lately, and it's been a while since I've shared titles I am excited about, so I thought it was about time for a round-up.

First, about Feedly. Remember when I told you I'd be trying it? Well, I've been using it since then and it' FANTASTIC. Blows Google Reader out of the water. Try it.

Now, some of my new favorite additions to my reader:

Wry and Ginger: Wry and Ginger is a terribly funny personal blog written by terribly funny lady. She also makes and sells funny cards. I am a particular fan of this recent post about what I consider a very reasonable love of boots.

The Thrifty Chicks: I am reading more and more blogs dedicated to thrifting, and The Thrifty Chicks is one of the best. It's a collaborative project, with four bloggers writing, and I've enjoyed each of their posts (made all the better by how they are each in a different city). My current favorite thing is Ms. Golightly's pledge to thrift all her 2011 Christmas gifts, for less than a dollar a day, this year. The latest installment is here.

Whatcha Find?: Whatcha Find? isn't the type of blog I normally read--it's basically a daily digest of thrifted finds, mostly high-end pieces, from a mother and daughter team. I am a bit obsessed with it, though, as these ladies are finding things I've never seen in thrift stores. It's also very low-text, which can be good for my fractured attention span.

Bounty Huntress: Bounty Huntress Angela thrifts on my old turf of Austin, Texas and I love reading her blog for that reason. She writes somewhat regularly about my much-beloved and very missed Bins. So yeah, I'm living a bit vicariously through her blog. So?

Budgets are Sexy: I have a love-hate relationship with frugality blogs, but I'm currently digging them, and I am particularly amused by J. Money's Budgets are Sexy. It takes itself seriously, but is humorous enough to keep me from rolling my eyes out of my head. It's also really well done--more a professional blog than a personal one. This recent piece about what your date's credit card says about him is pretty darn funny.

The Everyday Minimalist: The Everyday Minimalist is very new to my feed reader, so I'm not 100% sure I love it as yet, but it is definitely growing on me. It's very well-done, and several of the posts I've read have left me thinking or even beginning to write responses, which is always a good thing. If nothing else, check out the Why Minimalism? post, it's food for thought.

What blogs are you excited about right now? And confess--how many are in your reader? I'm at 168 in mine right now, which seems very reasonable to me.


Hi Grace! If it wasn't for Google Alerts (that I posted about last night), I probably wouldn't have seen this. Yay, Google!

Thanks for the mention. It's always nice to know someone's really out there. :) I'm not sure if I have mentioned yet that the Bins closed last month. (Gasp!) They opened another much further from my house so I haven't been there yet. It's over on Burleson Rd. Where did you live now? Looking forward to reading more of your posts to get to know you better.

So glad to hear you're a bit obsessed with reading our blog. :)
Thanks for the mention! Will add you to the list of blogs I follow!

Angela @Whatcha Find?

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