Etsy Love: Valentine's Gift Ideas for Men

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So this is being published later than I'd intended. I seem to be getting ahead of myself and ending up behind myself lately. Sorry about that. Still, in case you haven't already selected a Valentine's Day gift for the man in your life (or, you know, decided not to do so), here are some Etsy finds that I liked:

ISHAOR handmade leather belt, $66

I love small, daily luxuries. Men often wear the same belt most days. What better than a handmade belt upgrade?

Tomatomade Sterling Silver Custom Map Cufflinks, $38

Cufflinks are hardly a new suggestion, but I love the romantic nature of this custom map pair--any location that holds significance for you and your boy could be represented.

mens chunky beanie.jpg
Moon Beam Hand Knits Men's Chunky Cable Beanie, $35

We have an issue at my house recently, whereby Mark steals my hats. I think it would be better if he had his own. I love this chunky beanie for it's simplicity and manliness, as well as the 70% wool 30% alpaca yarn--that ought to be nice and soft for his head!

shaving set.jpg
Orange Fuzz Deluxe Eco Friendly Shaving Kit with Beer Shaving Soap, $47

This is not the first time I've shared my love for shaving sets. I think they're a great dude gift. I'm particularly fond of this one because it's packaged so cleverly in a vintage wooden cigar box.

Dorothy Domingo Sea Mist Cups, Set of 2, $40

We are very serious about our weekend coffee in my house. And we have at least a dozen mugs for it. But we don't have perfect, make-you-happy-every-time-you-see-them hand-thrown pottery mugs. Wouldn't they be a nice addition?

russian bear t shirt.jpg
Jam Jam Tees Russian Bear T-shirt, $14.99

Maybe it's the dormant grunge girl in me, but I love a man in a graphic tee. This Russian Bear one is awesome--cheeky and graphically elegant!

These suggestions really just scratch the surface. Depending on what your particular model of man is like, there are a million other ideas available on Etsy or in other handmade markets. Go forth and buy handmade for Valentine's Day!


Those cufflinks are a really great idea... I love that belt too!

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