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I am having the best time seeing your recommendations for post topics! I fully plan to get to each and every one of them. I noticed a couple of folks asking for more posts on clothes and accessories, and a few more asking for more info on my favorite blogs, so I thought I'd combine the two! I read quite a few fashion and style blogs, but these are my long-term favorites. For me, they do a great job straddling the line between too conservative (and boring) and too outrageous (and not wearable). I've learned a lot from all of these women and been inspired by each of these blogs more than once.

Already Pretty: I think Already Pretty's Sal is probably the most consistently fantastic fashion blogger around right now. She wears real clothes, which can be purchased by real people, and she wears them in a realistic way (i.e. when it's freezing in her native Minnesota, you can tell by what she's wearing). Sal does an absolutely spectacular job with her blog, too--regular updates, good photographs, nice layout, and wonderful incorporation of guest posters and links to other bloggers. I seriously can't say enough good things about her.

Wardrobe Oxygen: Allie from Wardrobe Oxygen (and formerly of My Wardrobe Today, which has been combined with Wardrobe Oxygen) is my other all-time favorite fashion blogger. Like Sal, Allie's been at it for quite a while and she does a great, consistent job. Allie's outlook on fashion is quite a bit different--she has a much smaller wardrobe, dresses more conservatively, and clearly works in a more professional-dress oriented environment. She's taught me a lot about the importance of classic pieces and how far a few nice things can get you. She also talks a lot about dressing for your body, in a very realistic and do-able way.

Academichic: Academichic is the work of four feminist academics, A., E., L., and S. Three of them are graduate students teaching and dissertating, one is teaching English at a private school. They each have a slightly different take on professional academic clothing, and they all have fantastic style. Along with daily outfit posts, the ladies at Academichic often do theme weeks/months or challenges of various kinds, and they are extremely instructive. Recently, I've also been enjoying S.'s posts about how to dress her increasingly pregnant shape.

The New Professional: Angeline at The New Professional is a recent addition to my blogroll, and I am really enjoying her posts. She focuses on fashion as it relates to a young woman newly in an office environment, and she does an absolutely bang-up job of it. I'm quite a bit older than Angeline, and have been at this whole work world gig a lot longer, but she still teaches me a lot. Even though a lot of the clothes she wears won't work for my body, which is about as opposite hers as possible, I get lots of ideas from her and really enjoy seeing the professional, yet cute and interesting, looks she puts together.

Work With What You've Got: Finally, I have to plug Work With What You've Got. Erin and I have pretty different styles and jobs, so most of her outfits don't translate into something that is going to work for me. However, her styles almost always make me happy to see, and she wears her clothes exceptionally, inspirationally well. She also focuses on clothes that can be had on a budget, a real one, not a pie-in-the-sky one, which I really appreciate (I don't think there is enough of that done well in the fashion blogging world).

So hit me--do you read any great fashion blogs I should check out?


Wow, thanks for the shout-out! And what a great list to be included on. You're right, Sal is fantastic!

It looks like you're rockin' the 30 for 30! :)


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