Grace+Lush 4EVA (with a giveaway!)


lush christmas star.jpgI am not, typically, the on-again off-again type. When my relationships end, they're pretty much over. However, there are exceptions. A few years back, I broke up with Lush. For a while, I stuck with that decision. Then, slowly, Lush and I started to have brief, torrid flings--when I was in a place with a local store, I'd sneak in and buy some Honey I Washed the Kids soap. I discovered Turkish Delight, and slowly Lush began to worm its way back into my heart. I stayed strong, though, when it came to the treacherous slope of online orders.

Then, just after Christmas, Lush made me an offer I couldn't refuse. First two for one on all Christmas items and wrapped gifts, then 50% off all Christmas items. I made an order. OK, I made two, one from each sale.

And we're back on. My heart belongs, at least in part, to Lush.

Lush is keeping me super happy so far. Case in point is my most recent order. One of the items I'd ordered, for 50% off, the Christmas Star gift box, turned out to be out of stock with English inserts. Rather than just removing it from my order (and thus removing my chance to get it at half off), Lush replaced it with the same item with French inserts. Cool, thought I! Same products, in French! To make up for the "inconvenience" (which was really no inconvenience at all), they also included a second box!

Well, what happens when I get doubles of something cool? You get it, of course! This contest is for one Christmas Star box, complete with French labeling! The box contains six bath bombs: 2 Winter Bath, 1 Cinders, 1 So White, 1 Li'l LUSH Pud, and 1 Mrs. Whippy. I haven't tried any of these bombs before (which is actually why I bough the box in the first place), but I've loved other samples of Lush's bombs, so I'm sure they're good stuff.

Because I am feeling spirited, I'll up the ante with a second place prize for this contest as well. Second place will receive a small sampling of other Lush goodies I've gathered from my recent ordering spree, wrapped and packed by me. Probably not as cute and professional as Lush's wrapped goodies, but still fun!

So how do you enter? Three ways!

1. Leave me a comment and tell me something you'd like to see me blog about. I'm always gathering post ideas.

2. Tweet or post on your Facebook about this contest, or about me and my blog and how I'm pretty. Leave me another comment linking me to where you did it.

3. Go over to my page at Explore Modeling and vote for me to be a cover girl for I AM Modern magazine. Leave me a comment telling me you did it.

This contest is open for one week. I'll pick the winner next Friday, February 11. Good luck!


I'd love to see more blog posts about food - not necessarily what you are cooking, but I'm curious to see how you are doing with your resolution to cook more now that you have your new job, and how you handle meal planning and grocery shopping.

I already voted for you in the modeling contest, so I obviously think you're pretty, duh.

I love reading your Big Lots posts and TJ Maxx/Marshalls. I'd like to see more stores where you can buy "unexpected" gifty things. You always have great gift ideas that I haven't thought about!

voted for you, bb!
I'd also love to see a post about caring for multiple pets when both owners work -- when dh and I did it (pre-kids) we had some very unhappy kitties!

I would love more recommendations for your favorite blogs! I've loved reading your recent entries about this. :-)

I would like you to blog about how you allocate your time! It seems like you're someone who has a lot of "systems" (tracking what you've read and watched, for example) and I wonder how you keep track of all of them, what sort of records you keep on a daily basis, and just generally what your days look like.

Also, I voted for you! :)

DUDE!! I killed that sale. I had a list, cross referenced in a number of ways, ready to hit the online sale as soon as it was on. I got a reasonable amount of stuff, and then went back and placed a second order of additional stuff I couldn't resist at 50% off.

Your blog is one of like 4 that I read regularly. I like that it's a good mix of topics. I'm not good with one note blogs. I enjoy your shopping posts most. :)

My pretty, I Facebooked your contest. :) You're in trouble now.

PS This gift is one of the few things that I had on my list that sold out before I could get my order in. The website actually went down due to overload of orders the first day of the sale. Amazing.

I would love to see more fashion stuff and makeup recommendations. Maybe some awesome low end versions of high end cosmetics? That would be awesome!

Voted for you. Love the main pic. So cute!

I've never used a bath bomb. I get the LUSH catalog and can never justify spending $6 on a bath!!! LOL

I'd love to see more blogging about books/feminism/women's issues. Something to sink my teeth into and make me think.

I've voted every day since I saw the Facebook to do it for today!

Of course you're pretty there's no doubt about it. I have voted for you 3x already! I would love to see you blog more about how to use accessories with outfits, maybe some cool hair accessories. Also more plus sized clothes, thrifting or not, the best for certain body types ect.

I'd like to see more (can't get enough, actually) about your thrifting. I'd also like to see some instructions about the home industry you have (had?) with beauty products. Do you ever do product or company comparisons? I'd love those, too. :)

Well, I already voted for you and facebooked that everyone should vote for you, I didn't know you can vote more than once? I just found that out. I will be voting for you daily from this point out. :)

Grace you sound like the prettiest chick in the frikken world ESPECIALLY cause you like LUSH.
Here's the link.

And I'd like to see you blog about individual LUSH products and how to use them and ur faves.

And you KNOW I voted for you to be a covergirl.!

I love Lush, I have loved Lush for a really long time, and I especially love them now that more of the bath bombs come in the smaller size!

I also want to tell you that your Big Lots posts have gotten me to go in to my local (well, it is a little bit of a drive, but not too bad) Big Lots for the first time today, I just got some baking dishes and some cardboard cat scratchers (for 3 dollars!) but I usually stick with what I know. Still can't convince myself to go into a thrift shop, but I am getting there!

I voted for you, and tweeted!/AlbertaJes

I'd like to see more posts about books, making outfits, makeup, magazines.

Just voted for you. Cute picture!!

I recently reconciled with Lush, too. It seems that we had a better relationship when they were long distance and foreign (and it meant a trip to Vancouver, BC to get some), but slowly but surely, they've lured me back....

I voted! And you are gorgeous! Where did you get that suit?

I voted for you!

I'd be interested in a post about accessorizing. I stink at it.

I voted for you!

I'd love to see more tips for business and biz casual for the bigger woman since I'll be needing some eventually. I also love your recent posts exploring different worthy causes. Its really nice to have someone I share many ideals with do the research for me when I'm so swamped myself ;)
Also, I voted for you! I was #13 a few days back.

I think you're lovely and I would enjoy seeing more posts about work wardrobes (I like your current 30/30 one but it doesn't have to be a challenge of any sort).

i want music recommendations!

As a blogger, a post about how you keep up with your blogging could be great. I often can't find the time, and when I can, I can't think of what to post about.

Voted for you!

I voted for you! I was vote #75. You have a great smile girl, I hope you get picked! :)

I tweeted about your giveaway:

I'd love to see more posts on your fav products, and I'd love more food type of posts. Food and makeup are my favs, so I love seeing posts are either ;)

I've only ever tried one Lush thing before, and I wanna try more!

I wanna hear about your pre-work routine. :)

Even though I am sure I am not eligible to win, I voted for you and your super cuteness.

I recently found out that there is a Lush in Zurich but I haven't been in. What makes Lush so great?

I would like to see some makeup recommendations. I am overwhelmed by all the products out there.

I already voted for your lovely picture. Bella was like "Who is that?!?" And I said "That's Grace, maybe we can meet her one day!" She says Grace is suuuuch a pretty name :)

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