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I've mentioned a time or three of late that I'm on the lookout for new blogs to add to my reader--I'm just really really loving blogs these days. I find myself wanting to step back from the more real-speed forms of social media (of which there are so many) and re-focus on the blogging world. Given this quest, the finalists for the 11th Annual Weblog Awards couldn't have been released at a more opportune time.

I've voted in the Bloggies before--there is always a plea for votes from at least one of the blogs I read. This year, I headed over to throw my support behind Chookooloonks, nominated in the photography blog category. While I was there, browsing, I came up with a plan.

I added every single finalist in any category to my feed reader (except for those who who were already there), in a special "Bloggie Nominees" folder. For the next week or so, I'll check those blogs out. If they don't speak to me, I'll kill the feed subscription. If they do, they'll become part of my regular reader rotation. How cool is that? Tons of new blogs to try out.

If you aren't a crazy person who feels the need to have a complete set of every thing, you could do the same thing in only selected categories. Were I making recommendations, I'd tell you to focus on the non-US geographic categories (lots of great stuff you may have otherwise missed there), the writing category, and the best kept secret and new blog categories.

Remind me in a week or two and I'll come back and tell you which finalists I added to my reader permanently!


I guess I'd better try to be entertaining then, shouldn't I! :P

A lot of really great blogs have been nominated for the bloggies in the past, so I think it's mostly pretty high quality. Mostly.

There are a few blogs on there that are famous, but from my point of view, aren't as great as everyone makes them out to be. BUT, they clearly have a following, so I guess a lot of it is personal taste.

I have a hard time following new blogs. There are a few I follow religiously like a creepy stalker-fan, and then the rest I half-assed follow because I am lazy.

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