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love-drop-logo-MD.gifI just found out about something I'm really excited to share with you all! It's called Love Drop, and it is a micro-giving network run out of D.C. and Milwaukee. It's an online community focused on giving to one person/family each month, with buy-in as little as $1/month. Here's how Love Drop describes themselves and this month's project:

Love Drop is a micro-giving network of people who unite as a community to make a difference in the lives of one person or family a month. By giving just $1.00, they make it easy for their members to change lives in a fun and super easy way.
At the end of every month, Nate and J$ show up in the town the families live in and present them with everything the team raised -- all the money, the gifts, whatever the community helped get. It's all on film, and it all ends with us making a difference! (And then it starts all over again the next month).
This month we are coming together for 2 beautiful kids with severe autism -- Ethan & Alex. Our goal is to raise $13,000 so we can get them a highly trained service dog. And if possible, two iPads so they can speak again (they can't even say "I love you" to their mom -- these iPads allow them to get their voice back). Here are 3 ways you can help:
1. Join the team - This is the best way to help out, and all it takes is $1.00.
2. Join our blogger network - Blog about our Love Drops each month like I am :) It's easy, it's rewarding, and it REALLY helps spread the word (which in turn helps our families). Love Drop will give you all the content you need.
3. Give a gift or provide a service - Gift cards (iTunes would be great!), two iPads (so we can help the boys speak again!), and anything else you think could help out.
Thank you guys so much -- You rock.

There are no words for how much I love this idea. So, I am doing #1 and #2--becoming part of the Love Drop team with a monthly gift and joining the blogger network. That mean you'll see a notice like this one from me each month, letting y'all know about the family Love Drop is featuring. Please feel free to join me! In the case of this month in specific, I have to say that I have an online friend who has done a ton of advocating and writing about the great things the iPad can make possible for children with autism, so I'm particularly excited at the idea of Ethan and Alex getting iPads of their own by March!

I'm going to put a button to take you to the Love Drop site over there on the sidebar, in case, you forget about it in between this post and next's month's installment. I hope some of you will join, too!


I saw this on your FB feed. Thanks for the link! I'm doing #1, since my blogging is a joke. I really love this idea!

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