This is what a feminist looks like


The other day, the folks over at Fashionable Academics asked, "What does a feminist look like?" They asked feminist readers to submit a photo and a brief description of what feminism means to them. And I'll be linking them to this post in response.

I am a feminist. Feminism is the belief that systematic gender-based oppression of women exists, and that it is wrong and must be reversed. As a feminist, my goal is the eradication of this gender-based caste system, in and of itself and where it overlaps with class, race, sexuality, etc., resulting in true equality of all human beings.

And this what a feminist looks like (when she's being attacked by a stuffed honey badger):
Attack of the honey badger


Very cute. I'm tempted to post a "This is what a feminist looks like when she's pregnant and playing Angry Birds on her iPhone" photo over on my blog. ;)

Thanks so much for participating! That picture is priceless!

Who says feminists don't have a sense of humor?

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