Thrift Share Monday: A new obsession


Since I've been reading folks' Thrift Share Monday posts, I've been enthralled with the cool dishes and ceramics some of y'all find. So the last couple of weeks, I've been trying my hand at finding cool dishes to thrift. I know I am going to have to sell some/all of them--otherwise, they're just gonna stack up--but I'm having a wonderful time finding them and learning about them, and so far I think my eye is pretty good.

I've found:

TS&T Cathay berry bowls and platter
Some TS&T Cathay pattern berry bowls and a matching platter

Corning divided plates
Some adorable Corningwear divided plates

Hartstone Farmer's Market salad plates
Some Hartstone Farmer's Market salad plates--these are already on Ebay

Catherine Holm Lotus small pan
A small Catherine Holm Lotus pan (I was really stoked about this)

Royal Stetson Royal Maytime china--1 dessert bowl, 3 bread plates, c. 1950s
Three bread plates and a dessert bowl from Royal Stetson Royal Maytime China--I'm not sure on the pattern, does anybody know?

Homer Laughlin/Syracuse--6 dessert bowls
A stack of Homer Laughlin dessert bowls in a pattern I can't identify--anybody know?

Nelson Lebo salad plate
An extremely odd Nelson Lebo salad plate

Steubenville Pottery Co. Fairlane pattern small platter
A Fairlane pattern small platter from Steubenville Pottery Company

Winfield China Oats pattern small platter
A small platter in Winfield China's Oats pattern

E.O. Brody Co. green glass bowl
A green glass bowl from E.O. Brody Company

Turi Design Market cereal bowl and small plate (Norway)
An absolutely adorable small plate and bowl from Norwegian Turi Design, in the Market pattern

I've also come across a few things that don't have any identifying marks on them to help me figure out where/when they came from, but which seemed interesting or familiar to me in some way. I'm hoping if I post them here, y'all can help me figure out if they are contemporary or vintage, and who made them:

blue teapot
I loved the shape and color of this cobalt blue tea pot.

Unmarked covered casserole dish
Neither the shape nor the color of this small covered casserole dish strikes me as contemporary. To my untrained eye, it looks mid-century. Thoughts?

Owl front
I have no idea what to think about this odd little owl, other than that he's adorable. Is he someone's ceramics class project, or does he have brethern out there somewhere? He's signed ("MEHED"), but a Google search of the name didn't tell me anything.

Here's his back and his signature:
Owl backOwl signature

Not a bad collection, right? I'm hoping to add to it today--50% off at Value Village/Unique!

Don't forget to check out all the other great finds from the folks at Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday!


I LOVE the dishes in the first photo.

I am 98% sure your cute little owl is Mexican and was signed by the artist. This may help with your search. I have a couple of animals in this style (a turtle and bird), but the owl is great!

Wow, those are great finds. That Cathrineholm pot is amazing! It's funny that you found two great Norweigan items - the Lotte plates and the Cathrineholm!

I have a little owl with almost the same exact shape and little face as yours. My grandfather bought mine in Mexico when I was a little girl.

I had never heard of thrift share Monday. Now I will have to join in! You have some fabulous finds here. I love the green bowl & the casserole.

I just found two of these little guys in my thrift shop yesterday. They are handcrafted in Mexico. Mine both say "KE" somewhere on them which looks like the artist's signature and there is also a handwritten "Mexico" on them. That signature up there looks exactly the same and it says "Mexico", so perhaps there is a KE, too? Because mine looks just like yours. :)

i have an owl almost identical to this guy. he was hand painted in mexico - a friend brought him to me as a souvenir :)

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