Thrift Share Monday: my little local Goodwill


As I mentioned last week, I decided I needed to give more time to my small, local thrift stores. For me, that translates into a weekly trip to the Goodwill near my office--I pass it every day, so it's certainly worth stopping in now and again. Sometimes I come away empty handed, but this week I came home with:

Yogurt maker
A new in the box yogurt maker, marked $5.99, but half-off.

Four interesting books, either for me or to sell, for $1 or less each.

The Quilting Bee doll kit
For $.56, a doll kit from Fredericskburg, Texas. I have a couple of other kits from this same maker that I thrifted while we lived in Austin. I can't leave them alone, and I don't know what I plan to do with them.

Four scarves--can't get enough scarves! The gray is a long, wide gray jersey scarf from the Gap, the purple is a smaller jersey scarf from American Apparel, the purple paisley is a vintage (I think) silk scarf, and the blue and yellow and white is a very large poly-blend scarf. I think these were $1.99 each.

Shirts from Gap, Izod, Audrey Talbott
Three button down shirts! The lavender floral is brand new and from the Gap, the pink oxford is Izod, and the striped is a gorgeous high-end silk shirt from AudreyTalbott. I believe these were $2.99 each.

Black Ann Taylor tee-shirt; teal merino Banana Republic cardigan
A new black Ann Taylor tee-shirt (which is much needed, since my "good" black t-shirt has become a scroungy black tee-shirt of late) and a gorgeous extra fine merino wool cardigan from Banana Republic. The tee-shirt was $1.99 and the sweater was $4.99, I think.

Not bad for a store I'd written off, right?


Great clothing finds - and that silk scarf looks great. Will you wear it or turn it into something? I keep planning to make cushions out of mine, another thing I've yet to get around to!

That's pretty cool to find a yogurt maker. I've tried doing it the 'wait and see what happens way', but I've heard good things about yogurt makers. Love all the scarves, too!

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