Thrift Share Monday: Vintage?


As I read more and more thrifting blogs, I'm finding myself envious of other people's finds. It took me a bit to figure out where that envy was coming from. At first, I thought it was about the financial pay off--other people are thrifting things and selling them for cash money! But in reality, it's not--I tried and failed the thrift-for-cash experiment. I decided it was definitely possible to turn a profit, but not possible for me to turn a large enough profit to make the work worthwhile. So it's not the money. What, then? I realized, after a while, that it's the interesting stuff. I've been trying to thrift practically for so long--either things I need or things my friends or family need--that I'd forgotten how to thrift just for things that seemed interesting. Especially things that seemed interesting and OLD.

So, this weekend I decided to do two things. First, I would focus on my little local thrift shops, rather than making the drive to the big shop I usually frequent. Secondly, I'd let myself buy stuff just because it was cool, but only if it was old.

And I loved it!

There is a little thrift shop in the small town/suburb in which I live which has really limited hours. It's open I think 10-2 three days a week. It's also really crowed. So I almost never go there. But I set off on Saturday to see what joys awaited me.

The first thing I picked up were two sheets of wrapping paper, for $.10 each. One of them s shown below. They aren't vintage, but I liked them, and I knew I was going to be covering some boxes soonish for a project, so they wouldn't sit around too long.

Wrapping paper detail

The next thing I picked up were a few vintage (or maybe not, not sure) notions. These I really can't justify, but they were only a couple of bucks.


And included these, one of the weirdest things I've seen lately. Doll face beads?

Doll head beads

The final things, though, are the ones I want to ask all you wise folks about. I bought this platter and sugar bowl just because I loved them, but I'm fairly sure they're vintage. There are no identifying marks on them--no brand, no location where they were made, nothing.

Platter and sugar bowl

And a detail of the design:

Mystery plate detail

Any ideas? The sugar bowl is pale blue. I don't even know where to start looking with no names or dates to start with.

I also went to another local thrift store (the Goodwill near where I work) and had a great day, but I don't think I'm going to be doing any more thrifting in the next week, so I'll save those finds for next Monday!


Hello! The dishes look VERY similar to Taylor Smith Taylor's Forever Yours Boutonniere pattern. The large aqua blue flowers look identical but that pattern doesn't have the small pink and blue flowers behind them. You can search Google and find a ton of examples or here's's website:

Hopefully that's a start on your pattern search. Good luck finding it!

I'm glad to hear you put the joy back in your thrifting adventures. I thrift & resell, but your right...the joy doesn't come from the $$$, it comes from the fun & funky finds we happen across while out on the hunt! Cheers ~ Lara

Hello. I agree with Lara, thrifting is fun. This response is a bit late but wanted to common on the nice find. The oval serving platter and sugar bowl are vintage (mid to late 1950s) Taylor Smith & Taylor. The shape is on TS&T Versatile line, and was available with or without platinum trim. I own two vegetable bowls in this pattern, one with and without trim. has pieces available: TST393 for no trim; TST117 with trim. Pieces show up periodically on ebay, etsy and as well.

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