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OK, when I asked y'all to enter my Lush giveaway, it was with a question about what type of content you enjoy/would like to see more of here and WINOW. These were the results:

-food (how you are doing with your resolution to cook more now that you have your new job, and how you handle meal planning and grocery shopping)
-Big Lots posts and TJ Maxx/Marshalls, more stores where you can buy "unexpected" gifty thing
-caring for multiple pets when both owners work
-recommendations for your favorite blogs
-how you allocate your time! It seems like you're someone who has a lot of "systems" (tracking what you've read and watched, for example) and I wonder how you keep track of all of them, what sort of records you keep on a daily basis, and just generally what your days look like.
-more fashion stuff and makeup recommendations. Maybe some awesome low end versions of high end cosmetics?
-books/feminism/women's issues.
-how to use accessories with outfits, maybe some cool hair accessories
-more plus sized clothes, thrifting or not, the best for certain body types etc.
-more about your thrifting
-instructions about the home industry you have (had?) with beauty products
-product or company comparisons
-individual LUSH products and how to use them and ur faves
-making outfits
-tips for business and biz casual for the bigger woman
-posts exploring different worthy causes.
-work wardrobes
-music recommendations
-how you keep up with your blogging
-favorite products
-more food type of posts
-pre-work routine
-makeup recommendations

What a great list! These are ALL things I can post about in the near future. If anybody has anything to add, please do. I love suggestions.

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