Winter to spring fashion wishlist


One suggestion I've noticed on all kinds of fashion blogs is to keep a wish list of pieces you want to add to your wardrobe. Because I try to add to my wardrobe as much as possible via thrifting, you'd think I'd already be doing this, but I actually don't. I mean, there are always a few things I'd like in my head, but I don't really think them through and write them down. So maybe I should start.

Here are the clothes/shoes/accessories I find myself wishing I had as winter (please God) turns into spring:

on argyle vest.jpg
Old Navy Argyle Sweater Vest, $14.97

I've been after an argyle sweater vest for quite a while, but I haven't found the perfect one yet. I want it to be fitted, long enough, and colorful but not pastel. It's a tall order.

gap slim crops.jpg
Gap Slim Cropped Pants, $40

A long time ago, I had perfect slim cropped black pants. I thrifted them at the Goodwill on Burnside in NW Portland, and they were from J. Crew. They have long since been gone--they'd be at least three sizes too small now--and I still miss them. I really, really want a replacement pair of slim legged, cropped black pants.

juicy charm bracelet.jpg
Juicy Couture Starter Charm Bracelet, $42

I have always secretly wanted a charm bracelet. Now, I work with a woman who has a fantastic one she wears every day, and I my love has been rekindled. I love how they are sorta old school, sorta juvenile, and still sorta upscale. Or maybe they're not upscale, maybe that's just me.

J. Crew Jackie Cardigan, $62

I don't, as a rule, wear any sort of light color. I like super-saturated jewel tones, black, and gray. But I sometimes make an exception for pink, as I like what it does for my complexion. I also live in cardigans, since I have a combination of sleeveless shirt love+arm tats+fear of being cold in an AC'd office. Therefore, I need a pink cardigan.

Fitzwell Kaida, $55.20

As you know, I love me some vintage-inspired clothes, and I really want a pair of pointy kitten heels to go with a few things I already have. I want them to be not-black, too--I'm thinking a nice gray like these ones would be perfect.

beautiful mess dress.jpg
A Beautiful Mess Dress, $47.99

I want a vintage floral shift dress with pockets, but the probability of my finding something that is both vintage and fitted like a shift to work with my...ample proportions is unlikely. Luckily, I live in a time of decent vintage reproductions, like this one from Modcloth. Which won't work for me because it's too short. So...back to the drawing board!

anthro top.jpg
Anthropologie Eastpointe Garden Top, $58

Maybe it's just because nothing has bloomed for so long here, but I really want more floral in my wardrobe this spring, especially a vintage or vintage-esque floral top. Will I buy this one from Anthropologie? Unlikely. I will, however, keep an eye out for something similar in the thrift stores.

As of now, that's the extent of my spring wish list. How about you?


That Modcloth dress is adorable, but I'm a little afraid of ordering from them because everything seems to be designed for wee pixies.

How do you feel about sweaters with bands at the waist? I feel like it's really hard to find one that hits me at the right place without making it look like I'm wearing a shirt that's too short.

I really enjoy Anthropologie clothing, but it is SO expensive.

That said.. I think I want a couple of pieces from there. Can't find them anywhere else! I've been trying for 2-3 months.

I do love those shoes.

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