2011 Goals Check-In #2


I'm already behind! I should have posted this at the end of February/beginning of March, and we're already past the mid-way point in March. Guess the 30for30 distracted me.

Here's where I am with those goals:

1. Read 30 books.
In February, I finished two books I had in progress from January:
The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic by Darby Penney
Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things (audio) by Randy O. Frost

And added:
Bird Cloud by Annie Proulx (audio)
Obsessive Consumption by Kate Bingaman-Burt (not much actual reading in that one)

That puts me at 9 completed books in the first two months of the year, which is definitely on track for this goal.

2. Get at least one new stamp on my passport.

3. Blog 5 times a week.
I blew this one out of the water. I blogged 44 times during February's 28 days. Go me!

4. Journal every day.
Massive fail. Much as I try to be otherwise, I am still just not a journaler.

5. Cook dinner at least once a week.
I'm not sure how I did on this one. I know I cooked a couple of times, but I don't know that it was quite once a week. Partial success?

6. Fully fund my 401k.
No progress yet.

7. Save $15,000.
No progress yet. Still chipping away at the CC. Should be all paid off by the beginning of April, though.

8. Excel at my new job.
Things continue to go really well at work. I have received no indication that I'm anything but loved. So score on this one.

9. Make one positive health change per month.
For January and February, I had two changes--establish a gym routine and get 5 fruits/vegetables a day. The first one is an unmitigated success--I am consistently going to the gym and loving it. The second...not as much. I'm still trying, but I'm only getting my 5-a-day about half the time. I'm going to move to a new challenge in April. March's challenge is to track my daily eating, which I hate doing, but is necessary at this point.

10. Re-institute monthly date night.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about how things are going. Progress is always slower than I'd like, but keeping track helps me see it more clearly.


I've been following your blog for a few weeks now. First time oommenter.

I too joined a gym (February) and I've lost 7lbs, but this isn't as much as I'd hoped. I'm a bit frustrated but still going because I love it too. I feel better, have more energy and my muscles are building. Still, calorie counting is hard and the fruits and veggies are hardest, so I'm with ya there.

Keep up the good work! I like following someone else's progress. Re-energizes me for my own journey.

Great list of goals and they seem mostly realistic . . . all except the cooking once a week. You can fail this one with my blessing of course. ; )

My life is quite different from yours in that I cook pretty nearly every night, and always have. I guess it's all in what you're used to. There are lots of things that are fairly easy to prepare -- and healthy! That's a good way to start. We grill a lot; then we only need to add salad and another side. I also like to make enough for 2 meals, so that "cooking" the next meal is much quicker.

I've found, though, that to be successful, I need to start dinner within half an hour or so of getting home from work. The longer I wait, the lazier I get.

I'm striving for 7 veggie servings per day, and most of the time (maybe 5 out of 7 days?) I meet my goal. Two "tricks" that help are including veggies with breakfast (I have a small glass of V-8 and frequently pair that with eggs cooked spinach/onions/peppers), and having raw veggies as a mid-afternoon snack (usually 2 servings' worth of mini-carrots).

Good luck with your goals; they're all great!

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