30fo30 Day 24


Back in town and back to your regularly scheduled early morning kitchen pictures! I had intended to wear this shirt and this sweater together from the beginning of the 30for30, since the necklines work so well, and time is (thank God) running out, so today seemed like a good day to do it!

30for30 Day 24

30for30 Day 24

30for30 Day 24

30for30 Day 24

I'm wearing:
#15 Ann Taylor chunky black short sleeved sweater (also worn on Day #7 and Day #21)
#14 Banana Republic green and black cowl neck top (also worn on Day #11)
#7 Ann Taylor Loft Ann black and white mini houndstooth wide leg trousers (also worn on Day #3, Day #9, and Day #13)
#25 Ros Hommerson Sidney flat black boots (also worn on Day #1, Day #5, Day #6, Day #10, Day #13, Day #16, and Day #21)

-black leather Coach belt (thrifted)
-jade and agate chunky necklace (gift)
-bronze circular beaded bracelets (gift)

I am not 100% happy with this. I think it needs a different belt. And these pants, like the gray ones, are fast becoming too big. But it's not too bad.

The question: do you all want to keep seeing my clothes when this 30for30 is over? Should I keep doing outfit posts?


I always like seeing outfit posts - especially from other tallies!

I like it but for some reason I feel like the neckline and the necklace don't work.

I like it. I agree with you that it could use a different belt, but I think it works like this too.

I like the clothes posts.

This is one of my favorites so far.

-It simultaneously makes you look like grown-up, AND look young. In other words, it neatly sidesteps the "dressing too young" problem, while at the same time making you look ACTUALLY young. Since a bit of my problem with your wardrobe is that it goes the opposite way, and is a little bit college-girl-at-an-internship (IE young trying to look grown-up), this is brilliant. I realize there's a backhanded critique in this, but take it for what it's worth, we all have our fashion crosses to bear and yours is really, really not a bad one.

-THe waist hits you at an amazingly good spot, as does the length of the top.

-That neckline is so unbelievably flattering that you should take a photo of it with you whenever you shop.

-This is a use of a belt that looks natural. The problem with emulating all those cute uses of belts we all see on fashion blogs is that at this point it screams "Look!!! A belt!!! Cute!!! Like a fashion blogger!!! Look!!! I'm a skinny belt in some color like red, over a cardigan, on a dress, around a sweatshirt, with a camisole, over a hazmat suit, any-freaking-where!!! There is no place I don't go!!! I'm a kicky belt worn by a fashion blogger!!! Wheeeeee!!!" If I wanted to make a spoof blog where people were naked, or in bandages, or wearing sacks, except for the kicky little fashion-blogger touches, those skinny belts would be this year's legwarmers, and I'd put them on everybody. Your belt? Doesn't say that to me.

-Awesome curves. Slouchy jersey fabric. Yet suitably conservative for work. Yes.

Ha! I disagreed with everyone on the belt and the neckline. I am SO not current. Disregard me! (But I still think you look delish).

I really like this one. Yes, the pants are a bit big, but that, my friend, is a good thing! They aren't to the point of looking sloppy, so I say celebrate your thin-ness and show it off with the pants.

I also absolutely loooooove the necklace! I think posting when you have an especially interesting outfit or one you are really excited about would be fantastic.

The neckline is awesome, maybe an extender to bring the necklace down about two inches. Otherwise, it kind of cuts that space in half. And the belt is perfect, though one with a little color would be fine, too.

Yes, PLEASE keep doing these! Love 'em.

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