30for30 Day 19: Inspired by Gloria


As sick as I am getting of my 30for30 clothes (which are really 28for30, since I've declared two of my pieces unwearable), some days it's still fun to put things together. Today was one of those days. This outfit is dead simple, but I think it looks good, and it feels great. I love the super subtle pattern mixing, too (tights, belt, scarf).

30for30 Day 19

30for30 Day 19

30for30 Day 19

I'm wearing:
#5 Josephine Chaus black a-line skirt (also worn on Day #4)
#10 Ann Taylor short sleeved ruched black sweater (also worn on Day #4 and Day #6)
#26 Antia black lace-up wedges (also worn on Day #4, Day #9, Day #11, Day #14, and Day #18)

-Land's End teal and black silk scarf (thrifted)
-narrow blue faux snakeskin belt (thrifted)
-silver matte bangle bracelets (no idea...)
-black patterned tights (DKNY, I think)

Now, will you believe me if I tell you that this outfit is inspired by Gloria Steinem? It totally is. There's this group called the Feminist Fashion Bloggers, which I have recently joined, and they hold blog events (days where the members all blog about the same thing). Today's event is "Fashionable Feminist Icon." So, we're all to post about a fashionable feminist icon. And I was so excited about mine I decided to try to create an outfit inspired by her today as well!

How, exactly, is this outfit inspired by Steinem? Well, I spent a good chunk of time last night going through pictures of her, and these were the common threads I found:

1. Gloria loves an all-black ensemble.
This seems to be true no matter what decade it is.

gloria all black.jpg
In all black in 2008, photo via StyleHive

gloria all black 1960s.jpg
In all black in the late 60s, photo via Smith College

2. Gloria always rocks a great belt.

conch shell belt gloria.jpg
In a wide conch shell belt in 2010, photo via The Harvard Gazette

In a 1970s macrame belt, photo via Gifted

3. Gloria has been wearing straight, center parted hair for 50 years.

long hair 1970s.jpg
Gloria's amazing mane in the 1970s, photo via Life Magazine

gloria hair 2009.jpg
The 2009 version of the same style, photo via Minnesota Public Radio

4. Gloria embraces glasses.

gloria big glasses.jpg
Rocking huge aviators in the 70s, photo via Life Magazine

big glasses 1993.jpg
Round frames, but still making a statement in 1993, photo via Getty Images

5. Gloria likes a nice scarf.

scarf 2010.jpg
An around-the-shoulders scarf in 2010, photo via Day Life

gloria scarf 2.jpg
A flowy, neck-looped number in 2008, photo via Digital Journal

So, when I got dressed this morning, I put these elements together. All black+great belt+long straight hair+glasses+a scarf. And that is how this outfit became a tribute to Gloria Steinem.

Power to women!

30for30 Day 19

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This is such a great idea! I love the variety in all the FFB posts I've read today... and your outfit is also great, seemingly conservative-chic but subtly subversive in its allusion to a feminist icon!


Oh, nicely documented!

So glad you put this together! Most people wouldn't view Steinem as a fashion icon, but she is in her own right.

Congrats on the shoutout on Twitter!

And a wonderful post and look!

Great outfit, great icon. Rock on!

It's an outfit victory!

Great ensemble and great inspiration! I totally have to recreate that look now. :)

#5 is from an event I was at to benefit the Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (wrrap.org), a group I was on the Board of for 5 years!! Gloria was absolutely amazing that night.

From your boredom came a beautifully inspired look! (is there .html for a French accent?) "SUPERB!"

Great post! How did you manage to plan your 30 for 30 and make sure you had a Gloria Steinem outfit in the mix? Well done :) I like how you dressed the part today.

You rock! What a great post, and power right back at you. Sometimes simple is chic. I love the look!

HOLLA! I love the angle you took for this, and it's fortunate that you selected someone with such definable style. My pick for an icon was Ellen Page, and I'm planning to do a outfit inspired by her style for tomorrow.

I wonder if Gloria would say that boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses? Because I don't care - her glasses are bomb. =) Great work here!

What a great choice! Love how you analyzed Gloria's style elements, and especially love how you made that style your own for a day!

Also, thanks for stopping by my post on Hedy Lamarr! Disqus commenting was down (for a lot of people, I think) much of yesterday, so the comment box disappeared. Fun with tech gremlins.

Nice pick! She looks great - professional yet approachable. And so do you!

Ha, love the last photo! So glad you decided to join the group. Gloria is so cool - and that is definitely a successful wardrobe formula!

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