30for30 Day 20


This is just a hot mess. It's a I-got-up-late mess. It's a I'm-sick-of-these-clothes mess. It's a these-pants-don't-fit mess. That's really all I have to say about it.

30for30 Day 20

30for30 Day 20

30for30 Day 20

So there.

30for30 Day 20

I'm wearing:
#20 Charter Club red and black cropped cardigan (also worn on Day #6 and Day #14)
#9 Banana Republic Jackson wide-leg suit pants in gray alloy (also worn on Day #7 and Day #15)
-#26 Antia black lace-up wedges (also worn on Day #4, Day #9, Day #11, Day #14, Day #18, and Day #19)

-gray and black paisley Ann Taylor camisole (outlet store)
-black leather Coach belt (thrifted)
-black stone earrings and necklace set (A.J. Wright)

So let's get on to something more fun! It's Day 20, so let's look at the last ten days of outfits.

30for30 Day 1130for30 Day 1230for30 Day 1330for30 Day 1430for30 Day 1530for30 Day 1630for30 Day 1730for30 Day 1830for30 Day 1930for30 Day 20

Which is your favorite? How about a poll!


Hmmm I can't decide! Also I do not think your outfit is a hot mess. Pretty good for having to rush, I think :D Ok I picked 17, but I think I like 18 just as much. Love those jeans in the second pic, those look awesome on you.

Dang it, I wanted to pick 3. I think you just look rushed to put together. I wouldn't say hot mess. lol. I'd like that sweater better over a dress or a long shirt that wasn't tucked in, there's too much going on in your middle.

I think what makes or breaks this outfit is attitude and posture. Your posture and facial expression in these shots clearly convey that you aren't happy with the look -- but I think it looks fine! If you'd suck in the gut, stand up straight, and smile with confidence, you'd look marvelous!

Don't really have a favorite look; I just found this blog today, due to a link from Dawn Friedman (This Woman's Work). But I'll be back...

Now if I could only figure out how to get to page 2...

Love day 15 and day 17. In the end, I voted for 17. You look really great in purple.

11 is my very favorite, but I liked 16 and 17 a lot too.

I absolutely love Day 11 and Day 1. I chose 11 because I think it is super flattering to your figure- I thought "OMG I wish I could look that skinny in something!"

What I love most about 15 is your smile. You look like you are confident and happy, and that makes the whole outfit look the same.

Great job of your remix! I like how diverse your outfits are! I wish I had chosen my 30 items a bit differently. Almost at the finish line! :)

I actually think Day 20 is cute; red is a fabulous color for you! I voted for Day 18 because the layers at waist/hip area lengthen you out nicely - very sleek. Straight leg jeans on Day 12 look great on you. Kong on floor in Days 19-20 gave me a chuckle!

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