30for30 Day 22


I really want to quit. And I was presented with a perfect excuse--a last minute two-day business trip! I couldn't possibly wear the same tired 30for30 clothes on a business trip, could I?

I thought about throwing in the towel. And I thought about taking a two day break for the trip. And then I decided I wanted to complete the challenge more than I wanted to quit, and I wanted to complete it as soon as possible more than I wanted to take a break. So I am pushing on.

Today is the first day, which is a regular work day and then a travel day. I'm dressed for comfort and plane coziness:

30for30 Day 22

30for30 Day 22

30for30 Day 22

30for30 Day 22

I'm wearing:
-#16 Calypso blue Banana Republic whipstitch v-neck sweater (also worn on Day #3 and DAy #13)
#8 Ann Taylor Loft Ann charcoal pinstripe wide leg pants (also worn on Day #5, Day #11, and Day #18)
-#28 Softspots purple suede wedges (also worn on Day #3, Day #7, Day #12, and Day #17)

-black Coach leather belt (thrifted)
-green and blue striped cotton and linen scarf (thrifted)
-turquoise glass bead and silver earrings (LBB)

If these pictures look strange, by the way, it's because they were taken in advance, on Sunday night--and I'm not wearing any makeup!

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