30for30 Day 23


Polka Dots | Everybody, EverywearToday's outfit had to meet a lot of complicated criteria. It had to be appropriate for a meeting. It had to be packable in a small bag without wrinkling. It had to use 30for30 clothes. And it had to contain polka dots. Polka dots? Yep. Why? Because it's March 8, Polka Dot Day for Everybody, Everywhere!

My 30for30 items contained two polka dotted contenders, the black with white polka dots shirt dress and the black with white polka dots cardigan. I also have a black with white polka dot scarf. I considered wearing them all together, but decided that might not make the best impression on new co-workers. So instead, I played it safe and went with a very slight variation on an outfit I already wore:

30for20 Day 23

30for30 Day 23

30for30 Day 234

30for30 Day 23

I'm wearing:
-#5 Josephine Chaus black a-line skirt (also worn on Day #4, Day #16, and Day #19)
#10 Ann Taylor short sleeved ruched black sweater (also worn on Day #4, Day #6, and Day #19)
#19 reversible black and white polka dot cardigan (also worn on Day #4)
#26 Antia black lace-up wedges (also worn on Day #4, Day #9, Day #11, Day #14, Day #18, and Day #19)

-blue faux snakeskin belt (thrifted)
-black patterned tights (Norway)
-red circle shell necklace (somewhere in Austin)
-silver charm bracelet (Ebay)

This is a near replica of my Day #4 outfit--same shoes, skirt, sweater, and cardigan. It's also pretty close to my Day #19 outfit--same shoes, skirt, sweater, and belt. At this point, though, I'm considering myself lucky if I don't wear exact duplicates, accessories and all. Only seven more days.

Again, odd looking pictures are due to being photographed in advance, on Sunday night, without makeup and in fairly terrible light. My apologies.


retread or not, it's really cute. I had no idea about polka dot day. I guess it's just luck that I'm wearing my polka dot underwear today!

You're ROCKING that polka girl!!! :D Greetings from a fellow polka girl from EBEW!


P.S: I'm giving away a $500 FOLEY + CORINNA bag for my blog's Birthday! Would love to see you joining the fun! :D

This is white with black spots? I like that it's different look from black with white spots.
Thanks for joining us at EBEW.
The Auspicious Life

Love the bold polka dot print on the cardi

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