30for30 Day 25


Today, my criteria for getting dressed was very simple: what will feel the most like pajamas? In a really fantastic conflation of circumstances, I have a cold, it's pouring rain, I'm going to be sitting in a training session all day, and it's that one day of the month where the idea of clothes touching me at all, especially anywhere near my mid-section, is revolting. Definitely no belts or buttons today. Nothing that doesn't stretch if I can get away with it.

And so, this:

30for30 Day 25

30for30 Day 25

30for30 Day 25

30for30 Day 25

I'm wearing:
#4 Ann Taylor teal ponte shift dress (also worn on Day #10)
#22 Purple v-neck cardigan (also worn on Day #15)
#25 Ros Hommerson Sidney flat black boots (also worn on Day #1, Day #5, Day #6, Day #10, Day #13, Day #16, Day #21, and Day #24)

-purple paisley silk scarf (thrifted)
-black leggings (Long Tall Sally)
-silver charm bracelet (Ebay)
-butterfly earrings (LBB)

Wearing purple and teal together always makes me think I'm dressing like The Joker. And I don't love the proportions in this outfit, either. But it looks better than my pajamas, and nothing is pinching or pulling at me, so I'm going to call it a success.


It may be the Joker's colour palette of choice...but I very much approve! ;) Give me rich colours anytime.

I think I might need to invest in some shifts. I have to go clothes shopping in a week or two because I have ONE pair of slacks that fits. Most of my skirts are too big as well, but I can make do with those. Maybe you should dress me up!

I love dresses with cardigans. What's the trick though? I always look like a marshmallow when I try to wear them together.

I like this one! You look all put together, but kind of cozy at the same time.

Glad to find you!! I hope you will join me in lighting it up blue for Autism Awareness - there is information on my page!
Always nice to meet another blogger in the neighborhood!

This is a pretty brilliant outfit. The actual dress and the actual cardigan are just meh, but the outfit's totally built around the scarf and the boots, so instead of looking comfy it actually looks really polished.

I am taking notes from you on this "professional dressing" thing.

Very pulled-together. The color palette is awesome on you, too.

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