30for30 Day 26

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I was thinking of Allie when I got dressed today. Allie is a huge advocate of well-made, well-fitting basic, classic pieces. For me, this Ann Taylor short-sleeved black sweater fits the bill. It's been a tireless workhorse during this 30for30, and I am sure I'll still be wearing it a lot after next week. It's comfortable, flattering, and professional looking. The details (neckline, side ruching) are very well done. And it's cotton/silk blend, so it is an easy season-hopper. Love it.

These pants, on the other hand...they'd fit the bill if they fit. I don't think they ever really fit quite right, and they seem to be getting worse all the time. Too bad, too--I love the color and fabric.

30for30 Day 26

30for30 Day 26

30for30 Day 26

30for30 Day 26

I'm wearing:
#10 Ann Taylor short sleeved ruched black sweater (also worn on Day #4, Day #6, Day #19, and Day #23)
#9 Banana Republic Jackson wide-leg suit pants in gray alloy (also worn on Day #7, Day #15, and Day #20)
-#28 Softspots purple suede wedges (also worn on Day #3, Day #7, Day #12, Day #17, and Day #22)

-black leather Coach belt (thrifted)
-pink multi-strand seed bead necklace (thrifted)
-silver matte bangles (not sure)
-silver hoop earrings (not sure)

Burlesque by Smashbox.jpgAlso, a makeup note--most of what I am wearing today (well, the eyeshadows and lip gloss, anyway) comes from the Smashbox Burlesque kit. Which is on sale now. I bought it at full price and have no regrets--it's been my go-to for months for this sorta soft femme look. Run. Don't walk.


Get thee to a good tailor, woman, and have those pants taken in to fit. Unless you want to wait and see if you keep reshaping...

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