30for30 Day 27


Nothing like time change to make your Monday feel extra Monday-ish. Why don't we spring forward on Friday afternoon? Wouldn't that make more sense?

Anyway, I'm in the home stretch. Four more days of 30for30, including today. Today's outfit is one I had in mind early on and didn't particularly care for, but I'm down to dire straights (half of my 30for30 clothes are in desperate need of a dry cleaning), so here it is:

30for30 Day 27

30fo30 Day 27

30for30 Day 27

30for30 Day 27

I'm wearing:
#11 Old Navy printed button down shirt in pink ditzy floral (also worn on Day #7 and Day #12)
#6 Anne Klein taupe fluted skirt (also worn on Day #6 and Day #17)
#25 Ros Hommerson Sidney flat black boots (also worn on Day #1, Day #5, Day #6, Day #10, Day #13, Day #16, Day #21, Day #24, and Day #25)

-pink camisole (Old Navy)
-black studded Betsey Johnson stretch belt (Ross)
-circular bronze beaded bracelets (gift)
-Broken Plate Pendant Company necklace (gift)
-black knee socks (no idea)


I like this outfit the only thing I would do if you have the ability is make the belt a little wider for a better balance otherwise, perfect!

This is a pretty cool outfit for one you don't care for. The skirt is especially fab, that's one of my favorite shapes.

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