30for30 Day 30


I'm finished!!!

Today I went with classic, since the only way I was going to get any green in was with accessories. What is most amazing to me, though, is the way these pants fit today, versus when I started this 30for30.

30for30 Day 30

30for30 Day 30

30for30 Day 30

30for30 Day 30

I'm wearing:
#10 Ann Taylor short sleeved ruched black sweater (also worn on Day #4, Day #6, Day #19, Day #23, and Day #26)
#7 Ann Taylor Loft Ann black and white mini houndstooth wide leg trousers (also worn on Day #3, Day #9, Day #13, and Day #24)
#26 Antia black lace-up wedges (also worn on Day #4, Day #9, Day #11, Day #14, Day #18, Day #19, Day #23, and Day #29)

-green plaid Land's End scarf (thrifted)
-black Tommy Hilfiger belt (Ross)
-green stone necklace (worn as bracelet, thrifted)

Let's see how all 30 days have looked, shall we?

30for30 day 1.2IMG_357930for30 Day 330 for 30 Day 430for30 Day 5
30for30 Day 630for30 Day 730for30 Day 830for20 Day 930for30 Day 10
30for30 Day 1130for30 Day 1230for30 Day 1330for30 Day 1430for30 Day 1530for30 Day 1630for30 Day 1730for30 Day 1830for30 Day 1930for30 Day 2030for30 Day 2130for30 Day 2230for20 Day 2330for30 Day 2430for30 Day 2530for30 Day 2630for30 Day 2730fo30 Day 2830for30 Day 2930for30 Day 30

What did you like? What did you hate and I should never ever wear it again?

I wondered, as I was going along, what my 30for30 MVPs would be--I suspected the short sleeved AT sweater I am wearing today, since it was one of my only layering pieces, and my tall black boots. I was right on those counts, but I wore other things nearly as much. Here are my most worn items:

#25 Ros Hommerson Sidney flat black boots--worn 10 of 30 days
#26 Antia black lace-up wedges--worn 9 of 30 days
#8 Ann Taylor Loft Ann charcoal pinstripe wide leg pants--worn 6 of 30 days
#10 Ann Taylor short sleeved ruched black sweater--worn 5 of 30 days

The shoes aren't surprising, but I was sorta shocked at how much I depended on pants. I don't think of myself as a pants person. That might be partially seasonal, though--it was cold here for most of the challenge.

I'm relieved to be finished, but happy to have done this. I definitely learned something about my wardrobe (it's way more extensive than I thought, and less may actually be more). The most interesting thing for me, though, has been watching my body change through the six weeks or so I took me to string together 30 days of work outfits. It's encouraging!


Congrats on finishing your 30x30!! I have to say I love the days that you wore skirts and dresses. But that may just be because I love skirts and dresses!!
You did wonderfully!

Way to go! There is not anything that I wouldn't wear myself. Except, I'd leave the scarves out, but that's just because I feel wierd wearing them.

The piece I like least is the red/black shorty sweater on day 20.

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