Amazon, don't you know me at all?


The other day, my email contained this gem:


Based on my purchase of a book of essays about women and body image, Amazon suggests I buy a book entitled, "Got Milf?: The Modern Mom's Guide to Feeling Fabulous, Looking Great, and Rocking A Minivan." The connection they are making, I guess, is one about body positiveness, but they kinda missed the mark.


I think it means the same people are buying both. Which is, if you think about it, mildly hilarious and totally doesn't surprise me.

That recommended book sounds gawd awful to me, even as a mom who already feels fabulous, looks great, and doesn't rock a minivan, but does rock a family Subaru...


Hi Grace,

Guess what? I'm Sarah Maizes, the author of "Got Milf?" I came across your post and had to say hello.

Would it surprise you that your skepticism is my favorite response?! Just give me a chance to change your mind and see that this book is JUST a fun book - FILLED with humor about soooooo NOT feelin' "hot" but accepting we as moms are beautiful the way we are. E-mail me back if you'd like the opportunity to change your mind. :)

Either way, I hope my reaching out to you at least made you laugh.

All the best,

Sarah Maizes

Well that was strange in a Jack-in-the-Box kind of way.

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