Goal progress: have I become a gym rat?


I know I need to do a monthly goal round up for February, and I will get to that, but I wanted to share some specific goal progress with you first.

feb fitlinxx.jpg

What you see above is my monthly FitLinxx report. FitLinxx is a system used by my gym (and lots of other gyms) to help users track their progress and work towards goals. The cardiovascular and weight training machines I use have FitLinxx capabilities added to them, so that my workouts are automatically logged every time I go to the gym. My previous stats (like how many sets and reps I did and at what weight, for example) are saved and shown to me when I log in to a machine, so I don't have to remember what weight or which other settings to use. Cool, huh?

I started using FitLinxx on February 5 (I started going to the gym in mid-January, but it took me a few weeks to meet with a trainer and get set up in the system). Between that day and the end of the month (23 days), this report tells me that I:
-visited the gym 13 times (a bit more than every other day)
-did 297 minutes of cardio (about 23 minutes per visit)
-lifted 189,380 pounds (about 13,568 per visit)

Those are interesting stats. The third one doesn't tell me all that much without a basis of comparison, but the first two tell me I'm close to where I want to be with using the gym (going 3-4 days/week and doing 25-30 minutes of cardio each time). It's not a triathlete's schedule, but I'm shooting for consistent and doable, not Wonder Woman.

I was surprised to see I'd burned only 2,604 calories in 13 gym visits--that's only about 200 calories in each visit. However, I realized that the system is only counting calories burned while doing cardio, not weight lifting. I suspect I burn an additional 100 or more with each weight lifting session, since they take 30-45 minutes.

Overall, I think this report will be a lot more helpful next month, when I have a means of comparison. Still, I do love keeping track of things, so this appeals to my inner geek quite nicely. Do any of you have a set gym routine? Do you/how do you track it?

I'm also taking progress pictures, since the numbers aren't moving on my scale and I need to convince myself I'm doing some aesthetic good, as well as making myself feel good. These ones are from a couple of weeks ago. Please excuse the goonie grin. And the visible sweat marks. I iz sexy.

Progress picture--week 6
Progress picture--week 6

I plan to take progress shots every 4-6 weeks. So far, I feel very very good about how things are going.


That's such a cool program. I think my gym has it too, I should check it out.

You look really fantastic too.

Looking good girl. Keep up the good work. As summer approaches you'll also get some outdoor workouts in, but don't let that distract you from a regular routine.
I am such a slouch so let my failure motivate you. Do not end up like me!

Did I tell you you look amazing? And that you are amazing? Because I've been meaning to leave that comment for a month or more.

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