Super style icon: Dr. Temperance Brennan


Let me be clear. I don't really know much one way or the other other about how actress Emily Deschanel dresses. But I see at least one and usually multiple Dr. Temperance Brennan outfits every week on Bones, and I love, love love her style.


1. Fantastic jackets.

Bones rocks a suit jacket like nobody's business.

2. Fabulous trench coats.

A whole wardrobe of them.

3. Stunning evening wear.

We don't see Brennan dressed up too often, but when we do, it's worth the wait.

4. Perfectly fitted button downs.

She really really makes me wish I could figure out how to wear button down shirts.

5. Amazing jewelry.

The most noted thing about Dr. Temperance Brennan's wardrobe tends to be her bold, fabulous jewelry, and it's for good reason:





Basically, Dr. Temperance Brennan takes conservative wardrobe classics and wears them really really well, often with unusual jewelry to bring personality to her ensembles. She always looks cool, collected, and put together. For a woman who spends more than half her screen time in a lab coat or a Hazmat jumpsuit, that's pretty impressive.

All photos courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company except those of necklaces, which are via Bonesnecklaces.


I'm with you on Temperence's style. I love her fluid, chunky jewlery. Have you ever checked out USA Network's Royal Pains? Character Divya Katdare has fabu clothes, but even better jewlery. I watch episodes a number of times just to see how she's accessorized.

Those button downs are definitely tailored, and probable have fabric tape between all the buttons to prevent what my mom always called "gaposa".

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