Thrift Share Monday


Thrift Share Monday may not be happening today, since Selena doesn't have a post up yet. But I thrifted a bit yesterday, so I am going to share my finds anyway.

First, early in the week, I got a beautiful Banana Republic silk blouse and a great cropped short-sleeved jacket from Tahiri from the little Goodwill near work. I forgot to photograph them before I stuck them in with the dry cleaning. $4.99 for the blouse and $6.99 for the jacket, I think.

Now, at Unique yesterday:

A set of eight of these small, silver-rimmed glasses. No identifying marks. Anybody know who made them/when?
small silver rimmed glasses

Two small, oddly organically shaped wooden bowls.
wooden bowls

A small, perfect condition orange dish from Luzifer Bauscher Weiden, Bavaria.
orange German dish

Two of these super cute linen tea towels. There are no labels/markings on them--anybody seen them before? My guess is that they are not vintage, but repro of some sort, but I really have no idea.
tea towel

I also bought a silk skirt from Ann Taylor and a pair of tweedy cropped pants by Calvin Klein, neither of which fit in a way that is at all flattering. Such are the risks of thrifting in a store with no dressing rooms!

What'd you get??


Those owl tea towels are adorable...I've never seen anything like them!

That tea towel would be so cute made into a pillow!!

Just found your blog - nice work!

Great finds by the way - especially that orange Bavarian bowl!!!

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