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trade me up.jpgApron Thrift Girl has done it again! In conjunction with Amy from The Thrifty Chicks, she is starting a new project: Trade Me Up. Here's the scoop:

Here's how Trade Me Up works. It's like many of the other sharing opportunities here. If you'd like to take part, find something that you'd like to trade whether it's goods or a service. Write a blog post about the item with a photo. Also write out your wishlist of items that you'd absolutely love. Think big. Think crazy big.
Come back to ATG and add your link to your blog post where your Trade Me Up item is posted. For those taking part in Trade Me Up make sure to spread the word to your friends, acquaintances and blog readers. Anyone can offer you something. Share on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. Tell friends in your area what you are participating in and see if they'd like to trade.

I am so in.

Here's what I currently have available for trade:

A vintage cookbook from Maine, 1967:
Maine cookbook, 1967

Three Ben Steibel for Mikasa Duplex plates:
Ben Steibel for Mikasa Duplex plates. 1970s

13 Jackson Custom China Paul McCobb Falls Creek pattern saucers
Jackson Custom China Paul McCobb Falls Creek pattern--13 saucers

Three Franciscan plates
Franciscan plates

A 1950s West Bend bean pot
West Bend bean pot--circa 1950s

Small Winfield China Oats pattern platter
Winfield China Oats pattern small platter

Steubenville Pottery Co. Fairlane pattern small platter
Steubenville Pottery Co. Fairlane pattern small platter

Nelson Lebo salad plate
Nelson Lebo salad plate

6 Homer Laughlin/Syracuse dessert bowls
Homer Laughlin/Syracuse--6 dessert bowls

1950s Royal Stetson Royal Maytime china--1 dessert bowl, 3 bread plates
Royal Stetson Royal Maytime china--1 dessert bowl, 3 bread plates, c. 1950s

Yogurt maker (don't think it has ever been used)
Yogurt maker

Anybody interested in any of that?

Things I'd like:
1. A guest posting spot on a high traffic blog, or a high-profile blogger to guest post here on WINOW.
2. Catherineholm pieces of any kind.
3. Mexican pottery in the same style as my little owl.
4. Vintage wooden animal carvings.
5. Someone to sew for me.


The only thing I may have or sometimes find are vintage animal carvings. I will have to look around and keep you in mind.
I am not sure how I am going to do the trade up yet, but please come visit me and read my take on it.

I'm interested in trading for those Homer Laughlin dessert bowls (I thrifted a similar set within the last couple of years and we use them ALL the time), but I don't have anything on your list. I'll poke around what I do have and see if I can come up with another trade that you might be interested in.

What type of sewing are you wanting?

If I can find them, I have some of the Mexican animals and would love to trade for the Homer Laughlin (I actually thrifted the cups and saucers in that style back in the fall and would love to complete a set some day!!)

Oh, just saw you have another interested party in the HL.

Let me look thru my junk and get back with you! :)

Me again...I only see a couple of Pyrex pieces in your thrift posts, but I have a bunch I'd be willing to trade for those dessert bowls if you are interested. Do any of these pique your interest?

* Full set of cinderella bowls, small and medium round bowls, small round casserole w/ lid (Forest Fancies pattern)
* 1 1/2 quart bowl in okay condition - someone may be able to clean it up more (Yellow Rainbow Stripes pattern)
* Small round casserole dish w/ lid (Shenandoah pattern)
* 1 1/2 quart divided casserole dish w/ lid (Black Snowflake pattern)
* Medium round casserole dish w/ lid - gold on white and large cinderella bowl white on gold (Butterfly Gold pattern)
* An extra lid or two for small round casserole dishes

Thank you for visiting my blog! I think ATG's idea is really great! I can't wait to hear how it all works out!

I'd be interested in the yogurt maker..what type of sewing are you needing done? You can see examples of my work on my blog (link above) or my shop at

I love that Nelson Lebo salad plate. The colors are gorgeous.

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