2011 Goals Check-In #3


Look at me, doing this month's goals check-in on time!

1. Read 30 books.
In March, I only managed to get through one book, Whedonistas (reviewed on Heroine Content). That puts me at 10/30 books in the first three months of the year. Still on-track.

2. Get at least one new stamp on my passport.

3. Blog 5 times a week.
I blogged 33 times in March's 31 days, so I'm good on this goal.

4. Journal every day.
Yeah. Not so much.

5. Cook dinner at least once a week.
Failed on this one, too. Don't think I've cooked even once this month.

6. Fully fund my 401k.
Opened the account this week and set it to automatically withdraw 6% of my paycheck!

7. Save $15,000.
Credit cards are all paid off and this one is underway. Current savings balance: $1,164.77.

8. Excel at my new job.
Things are still going well!

9. Make one positive health change per month.
I don't know if I can honestly say I met March's goal. I tracked on some days, on others I didn't. But I'm doing a "Biggest Loser" type challenge with some friends in April and May, so hopefully that will help me get my weight-loss butt in gear.

10. Re-institute monthly date night.
Failed on this count in March--things were just too crazy. We'll try again in April.

Again, a mixed bag. But I feel like I'm making slow progress, and that's something!


Hey, you set a *lot* of goals for yourself and being out of credit card debt is HUGE. Also, I meant to comment quite a while ago on your money post and preach the Roth gospel. :)

I want in on this Biggest Loser deal! I need to get my butt back into gear, especially after what will be 5 days of ludicrously bad eating.

Stumbled upon your blog this evening, FREAKIN LOVE all your list ideas!!! A few months ago I searched & searched for journal list ideas, to no avail. Thank you =)

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