Checking in on the pack


Julia has been asking me to post about my pets. I don't know why I don't post about them very often anymore. I think it may have something to do with Leo. I still miss him more than I can properly articulate.

But the rest of the crew is doing well! Atticus' autoimmune disorder is so far easily manageable with low-dose steroids, and we're hoping that will continue to be the case. it is amazing what sickness has done to his personality--he's a whole different cat than he used to be. He's very cuddly and spends the best part of most evenings on either my lap or Mark's, where he seems content. Esme continues to be the most cat-like of our cats, showing us affection only occasionally and only on her terms, but she sleeps on our bed every night, which I like (and Mark hates). Illy is as odd as ever, and is still refusing to be brushed and developing new dreads that will likely result in another shaving before too long. Which I don't mind--I thought she was adorable shaved. She's still jumpy and I think she'll always be just a little bit feral, but she's calmed down a lot. I'm still struck fairly regularly at what a pretty cat she is.

And then there's Ata. Ata confounds me more every year. He is more and more than canine version of Mark, with piles of odd behaviors and neuroses. He loves walks, behaves nearly perfectly almost all the time, and spends most of the time laying around. He's more food motivated than he used to be, which would be good if we were trying to train him, but we've been too lazy to do much, given his natural state of good behavior. He still won't let you pet him with your feet--it's undignified.

This is what they're looking like these days:

Grace and Ata

Ata with the Christmas hedgehog

Atticus and Mark

Atticus and Esme

Esme and Atticus

Grace and Esme

Mark with kitties!

Illy with gingerbread toy

Illy in the new cat house


Yay! furry creatures. I love the photos.

Ata forever looks mistrusting or worried around a camera. His eyes were glancing at your arm like he knew you were holding him still for a picture!

And I love the one of mark getting groomed. Which kitty is that?

But Ata is soulful.

Oh the cuteness!! It's almost unbearable!

When I think of what Ata looked like when you and Mark brought him home ... you have done such a great job with him. Love seeing the kitties, too--esp. Miss Esme. I am so grateful to you and Mark for giving her a wonderful home.

But is Ata frightened of unusual doors? ;)
I'm glad Atticus is feeling better. And I hear you on missing Leo -- I still regularly forget that Cinzi is gone and look for her.

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