Dress You Up #6: M.


I've got a great Dress You Up for you this week! One look at M. and I'm thinking SUPERMODEL! Don't you agree?

melissa face.jpgmelissa body.jpg

Those great bones, that slim frame--there is so much she could wear!

Here's what M. had to say:

I'm a 26 year old mom to 2 kids and I run a charity. And I'm tired of looking and feeling like a slump. The problem? I have 0 fashion sense and even more I don't even have a clue on what size I wear. I've never actually bought clothes new that aren't too big. I've spent my whole life being told I'm not attractive and I want to look nice to feel nice about myself. I'm thin with almost no shape and so most of what I wear just looks like an ill fitting sack. I like wearing layers because I'm always too hot or too cold. I'm most comfortable in dressy casual clothes and bright colors. I like to express myself with colors.

I am simply horrified that M. has spent her life thinking she's not attractive. That's just a bold-faced lie. One thing that is true, though, is that ill-fitting clothes don't do ANYBODY any favors. I can't tell what size M. is from photographs, but my first and strongest recommendation for her is that she take the time to try lots of things on and find sizes that actually fit her.

When I started thinking about what kinds of clothes would suit M.'s face and frame best, two celebrity images popped into my mind, both of women I think are gorgeous, who are built similarly to M. I decided to start there:

Tilda Swinton in Berlin (image via Zimbio)

Tilda Swinton at the BAFTA Awards, image via CelebrtiFi)

I think Tilda Swinton is really, really beautiful. She's significantly older than M., but they share thin frames, short hair, and strong bone structure. Tilda tends towards androgyny, wearing a lot of menswear inspired clothes, and I think M. would look great in those styles as well.

Cate Blanchett in red (image via Blippitt)

Cate Blanchett in purple (image via Gossip Rocks)

Even more than Tilda Swinton, I think M. resembles the extremely beautiful Cate Blanchett. Though Blanchett occasionally adopts androygnous dress, she also looks beautiful in saturated colors and more fitted feminine styles.

Between the inspirations I found and the things M. mentioned, I am going to focus on the following when creating looks for her:
1. Use a lot of color.
2. Use layers.
3. Incorporate menswear influenced pieces.
4. Incorporate fitted styles.

The first thing I want to recommend for M. is wide legged trousers. If they fit correctly in the butt/waist/upper legs, I think a nice wide-legged pant would flatter her slim frame very well. Two possible ways to style them:

Flutter sleeve blouse
$35 - delias.com

GAP wide leg pants
$50 - gap.com

Caron flower shoes
$40 - dsw.com

Satchel handbag
$28 - shopko.com

French Connection cotton scarve
$7.99 - usa.frenchconnection.com

$26 - zara.com

This casual, flowy look is based on use of lots of color. The wide belt, which could be worn at the waist of the shirt under the cardigan, or over both of them, will create some curve for M. so she doesn't feel like she's wearing "an ill fitting sack."

Another option is a more monotone palette, with M.'s all-important bright colors coming in pops. I like the style of this striped tee in particular for M., as the wide boatneck will add some width to her shoulders and make the best of her slim frame. This look also reminds me a little bit of an old-fashioned sailor, feminized by the jewelry and sandals.

Aerie oversized top
$25 - ae.com

GAP slim fit pants
$50 - gap.com

Dollhouse sandal
$30 - amazon.com

Canvas army bag
$15 - armysurplusworld.com

Coral jewelry
$40 - pfiwestern.com

Rachel roy jewelry
$34 - rachelroy.com

Another shape I really think M. should try is a short shift dress. These are so cute, so mod, and so hard for those who are not very thin to wear. M. has the perfect build for them. They also dress up or down really easily, and can be very comfortable, especially if they're made of jersey fabric or similar.

Organic cotton dress
$74 - athleta.gap.com

Old navy cardigan
$25 - oldnavy.gap.com

Ballerina shoes
$40 - gbyguess.com

Flap handbag
$30 - zara.com

Beaded bangle
$13 - delias.com

French Connection floral scarve
$48 - usa.frenchconnection.com

Based around a comfy dress from Athleta, this outfit is all about unapologetic color. With the scarf adding another layer and tying everything together, it would be perfect for a springtime mom like M.

Calvin Klein sapphire dress
$89 - bluefly.com

Forever21 black pump shoes
$20 - forever21.com

Wristlet handbag
$32 - piperlime.gap.com

Nine West pave jewelry
$30 - ninewest.com

Cluster jewelry
$14 - macys.com

This conservative look is less in-keeping with M.'s current style, but I think the ruffled Calvin Klein dress would look spectacular on her, and keeping the shoes and accessories all in the same palette really lets the beautiful sapphire dress speak for itself.

For super casual wear, I love the idea of baggyish "boyfriend" jeans for M. These are a style I love and can't wear myself. With layered, visually interesting tees, a fun bag, sneakers, and cool jewelry, how casual and comfy and cool would she be?

J Crew long sleeve tee
$20 - jcrew.com

Hive Honey knit top
$29 - piperlime.gap.com

Asics sneaker
$44 - endless.com

TopShop cotton shoulder bag
$25 - topshop.com

$6.33 - hottopic.com

M. could easily go the other direction with jeans as well. I think she'd rock some skinnies and a tunic style top. Given the plethora of available stripes right now, how about a striped one?

Twisted shoes
$19 - debshops.com

Tote bag
$30 - canvas.landsend.com

Bohemian jewelry
$24 - modcloth.com

Floral belt
$20 - delias.com

Striped Tunic Top
$9.90 - forever21.com

Denim skirts are a classic casual spring staple, and one I think a short, straight variety would suit M.'s figure fantastically. I encourage her to hike up her hemline and show off her legs. Paired with a tank, cardi, and wedge sandals, it would be easy and cute. I really like how the cardigan's v-neck allows the cute ruffles from the tank top to peek out (though personally, I'd lose the flower).

Hollister Co deep v neck top
$50 - hollisterco.com

Printed top
$30 - delias.com

Old Navy style pencil skirt
$22 - oldnavy.gap.com

Rampage sandal
$40 - dsw.com

Old Navy tote bag
$23 - oldnavy.gap.com

Wooden jewelry
$13 - kohls.com

Another current trend I think M. could easily rock is the short full skirts I'm seeing everywhere. I've made this one a wee bit Western, with a denim jacket and short cowboy boots, but it could be worn with sandals, flats, or heels just as easily.

J Crew vintage tank top
$35 - jcrew.com

Old Navy denim jacket
$30 - oldnavy.gap.com

Floral print skirt
$35 - delias.com

Miz Mooz cowboy boot
$100 - infinityshoes.com

Messenger bag
$40 - dsw.com

TopShop metal ring
$12 - topshop.com

Trouve handcrafted necklace
$38 - nordstrom.com

So how about remixes?


That last remix - skinny jeans with striped top & orange scarf = awesome!!

omg. love.

My favourite part of these is seeing the celebs you get your ideas from!

You have such great fashion sense -- I get great ideas every time you do these!

I really enjoy these in a guilty pleasure kind of way... you should dress me up! God knows I could use the help.

Helloooo!!!! Oh my, what a fabulous post and the looks you put together are amazing. Style me please -- just one look -- please -- an I'll thrift it -- please.

Okay, enough begging, but it is a great blog idea.

Is M. a friend of yours?

nicely done. LOVE the 2nd and last outfits the best. What does M think?

Wow that's a lon blog post with lot of outfit ideas :)

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