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Woohoo! Big Lots trip! I love that there are at least a few of you out there who support my bizarre addiction to Big Lots. There's just something pleasantly voyeuristic about seeing other people's shopping, isn't there?

This trip, I got:
A 3-pack of Scotch-Brite sponges, $3 (regular price $3.79)
A 24-count box of Ziploc gallon storage bags, $1.80 (regular price $3)
A 12-count box of Little Debbie's Cosmic Brownies, $3 (regular price $3.49)
Four bags of Pepperidge Farm cookies (Milano, Nantucket, Catalina, and Santa Cruz), $2 each (regular price $3.49 each)
A box of Fresh Bites ginger mint dental dog treats, $2.50 (regular price $6)
A package of sourdough Wasa crispbread, $1.80 (regular price $2.97)
Two boxes of Ritz cheddar and bacon Crackerfuls, $1.80 each (regular price $3.50)
Six 16-oz bottles of Boylan's root beer, $.75 each (regular price $1.49 each)
Two 8-count boxes of Gatorade powder, $2 each (regular price $4)
An Eco2Go insulated chiller travel cup, $5 (regular price $9.99)
A package of Hartz Crunch 'n Clean cat treats, $1 (regular price $2)
A package of Whiskas Temptations cat treats, $1 (regular price $1.69)
A package of Purina Whisker Lickin's cat treats, $1 (regular price $1)
A bottle of Dawn Pure Essentials hypoallergenic dish soap, $1 (regular price $2.99)
2 Degree Pure Satin deodorants, $2 each (regular price $3.39)
A pot of Maybelline Dream Mousse concealer, $3 (regular price $5)
A 2-pack of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails strengthener, $2.50 (regular price $3.39)
A 10-pack of Ziploc Zip 'n Steam bags, $2 (regular price $3.19)
A 4-pack of Colgate Plus toothbrushes, $4 (regular price $4)

My major purpose in going was to re-stock my snack cupboard at work, and I got a few things for that (Crackerfuls, Wasa crisps). They also had a decent selection of animal treats, which is always good, and the Pepperidge Farm cookies were a nice find--Mark loves them. My biggest excitement, though, was the Gatorade powder--I know it sounds dorky, but I've been using that in my water post-workout, and it does seem to help me regain balance or something after exercising.

Things I was disappointed not to see included self-tanning lotion (don't judge!) and rubber gloves. I was also hoping to snag a box of K-cups to stow in my office for when we're out of everything but flavored coffee, but they didn't have that today.

Anybody else hit their Big Lots lately?


I went and got some glass anchor storage and cookware for pretty cheap! Also...this is really dorky but I got a big bottle of salon selectives shampoo and conditioner because the smell reminded me of being a teenager! I loved that stuff when I was in middle school and high school!

Can I import you to be my personal shopping buddy? You always seem to have so much fun and get great deals.

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