Hey, look what I'm wearing!


You have no idea how much it feeds my ego when folks tell me they want me to go back to doing daily outfit posts. I'm not going to do it daily--that would require consistently getting up earlier, and that's just a non-starter--but I will try to do it at least once a week. Starting today. It is spring-like here today, so I made the most of it.

Outfit 4/14/11 2

Outfit 4/14/11 3

What's up with this posture?
Outfit 4/14/11

The camera catches me trying to rub my lips together to distribute my lipstick:
Outfit 4/14/11 4

What I've got on:
-orange and white spirograph skirt (thrifted)
-black ruffle front Loft tank (thrifted)
-H&M cropped cardigan
-Sofft platform sandals (Nordstrom Rack)
-Steve Madden elastic belt with leather buckle (TJ Maxx)
-Superhero necklace

I'm also wearing this lipstick I bought at the Bare Escentuals outlet, in "Wearable Coral," and I really love. Coral is a tough one for someone with my complexion, but it seems to work well.


Beautiful! I love that skirt on you and how you've made it not too springy too early in the year, if that makes sense.

That is a great skirt! I really like how you've paired it with a cropped sweater!

You look adorable! Springy and sassy :) Thank you for bringing these posts back, I love them!

I love that skirt. Matching it with the superhero is genius.

You are so stinkin' adorable. LOVE the skirt!

I love the skirt too!

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