My life in fashion: a retrospective


Someone asked me the other day if I had always been stylish. After I stopped laughing, I starting thinking about the answer. I'm still not sure I'm stylish, at least not most days--I phone it in a lot of the time. However, I am definitely more stylish than I have been in the past. It's a learned behavior, at least for me. So I thought I'd share some of my less stylish moments.

Being only a few months old is no excuse for high waisted sweat pants and a corny message t-shirt.

A dirndl? really? I'm not even German.

Even in 1981, there was no reason for a wardrobe so heavily featuring rust.

Oh yes, gentle reader, THAT is a mullet.

And, later, a few really excellent perms.

Just thought you'd want to see that perm again. Plus, this was my favorite sweatshirt.

And then there were the New Kids On The Block years...

And my really excellent taste in formal wear...

Junior Prom, 1996 10-19-15
Which did not get any better as time went on.

All I can say about this haircut is that I was old enough to have known better.

Bald and skinny
What does it say about me that I kinda miss the underwear as outerwear days?

Me, Spring 2000
Nose piercing was ill-advised in my case.

I loved those plaid shorts.

Me showing off the tomatoes, summer 02
In closing, I never need to be blonde again.

Well...that was embarrassing!


You are adorable in each and every photo (but that mullett)!

This is so very strange. We are almost identical in our style journey. Babydom, not so much. But from the rust outfit through the mullet and then the perm and then the NKOTB and then the "party dress" and then the floppy hat and then short hair..... I think we parted style ways as young adults, but I tell ya, looking at your growing up pictures was total deja vu. :)

I love the pigtailed you! I wore that exact same outfit with the hat in the late 90s. Which says very horrible things about you because I have never had any fashion sense. :) And, keeping my last statement in mind, I think you did okay with the blonde hair.

Oh wow. I could mimic a LOT of those pictures. *shame*

I really, really love this.

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