Shoe love: Aerosoles


So I'm aware, vaguely, of "hot" brands of shoes. There are the ridiculously expensive ones, like Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik, and there are the less expensive but still terribly fashionable ones, like Miss Sixty and Nine West. Got it. Even if I were willing to spend that kind of cash on shoes, though, none of those brands would really work for me--the huge feet limits me quite a bit as far as brand.

So, I'm going to tell you a secret. A brand nobody would associate with cute shoes, that I love.


Seriously. They're a "comfort" line that comes in big sizes, but they make CUTE shoes!

I'll prove it. Some things from the Aerosoles spring line:

The Platform in Green Leather

The Well Wisher in Red Faux Leather

The Raw Hedge in Gray Leather Combo

The Younique in Purple Snake

It's not just this spring, either. I've had my eye on Aerosoles for a while. I love these older styles:

The Benefit in Red Mini Polka

The Prolific in Blue Leather

The Rolling Hills in Blue Green Leather

The best part? These shoes are all under $100, most of them well under, and if my experience is any indication, they'll all be comfortable!

Obviously this style isn't for everyone--if you want a narrow heel, for example, a brand like Aerosoles is probably never going to deliver for you. For me, though, these are a perfect conflation of style, affordability, and availability in my size! Score.


I loooove The Rolling Hills!

the well wisher and the benefit are sexy as hell. I think I need to go shoe shopping (now for a brand that makes cute 10EEs).

HUGE fan of Aerosoles. They are SUPER comfortable. I actually wore them on my wedding day! I'm not sure how this happened but I did not know they had so many awesome styles. Thanks, Grace!

I only buy Aerosoles anymore. I have to buy the wides online because they tragically don't carry wides in the stores. I realized about a year ago that I needed to stop buying the cheapo payless crap and be kinder to my feet. I have Benefit in black and they're a great work shoe!

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