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After a couple of busy non-thrifting weeks, I finally got back to the thrift store this past weekend! It wasn't a best ever trip, but it was satisfying. I was looking for some jeans for friends' kids, and did well on that count, which makes me happy, since I love picking up useful things for people. I struck out on clothes for myself, but that's OK. And I also brought home the following:

A counties of Ireland tea towel (I am getting huge into the funky tea towels) and a Jamie Oliver cookbook for M. (who is reading it as I type this)

An etching by Alec Stern. I've never heard of the artist, but I very much liked the etching, and it was unlike anything else we have AND came matted!

This funny little bowl--does anybody remember what these are called? I remember when everybody's mom had them, but I don't see them much anymore.

A (sadly incomplete, but still cool) set of vintage (70s?) mini forks in their box.

A new in package set of cool block-printed notecards.

Also, something I thrifted a while ago but I don't know if showed you. This piece is in great condition and it is, I think, a limited edition or promotional piece from Pyrex. I don't know what I am going to do with it. Anybody collect these?


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The splatter color bowl reminds of Rachael Ray's "garbage bowl"

But I think it's this which is probably what the garbage bowl is modeled after.

You found some neat stuff! Thanks for coming over to my blog. It was my first Cathrineholm Lotus so I was extremely excited! I am a convert as well... now if only I could find some Finel as well!

Love all your great finds especially that bowl. I use to have several in different sizes and colors. Mine were TexasWare. They're really collectible too. Thanks for sharing your goodies.

I've also seen those called confetti bowls. Usually by TexasWare. We have one like that from hubby's grandma..but mine's really faded so probably wouldn't sell very well.

love the block print note cards - i'm a sucker for stationery items. i always buy my birthday and other occasion cards thrift. the pyrex is really cool too - i've never seen that patter before. great stuff! - great blog too!

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