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I've been failing at thrifting clothes for myself recently. It took me a while to realize why, but I finally figured it out--I've gotten picky. It's not the style or brand or color that I've gotten pickier about, but the fit. Once upon a time, anything that wasn't too small for me was something I considered fitting. Now, as I pay more attention to how I dress, I'm realizing that a lot of what I had been wearing was simply too big. There shouldn't be 18s and 2Xs in my closet. This reduces the already small number of items to choose from a given thrift store.

Still, I was able to find a few things this weekend:

A new looking pair of black Eddie Bauer pants in the elusive 14 Tall, a new looking sleeveless black shirt from Ann Taylor, and a new with tags coral top from Lizwear (I just liked the color, mainly).

A vintage half-slip and vintage pettipants.

My more exciting finds, though, weren't for my closet. My friend E. is about to have twins, and I am finally allowing myself to thrift for them, now that they are viable. I may have gone a little bit overboard for one trip:

Two new with tags onesies.

A matched set of new without tags onesies.

Four gently used sleepers, all from Gymboree.

The final thing I bought falls into the "I don't know what these are, but they seem cool" category:

Turns out these are cross-stitch kits from the Danish company Eva Rosenstand. The writing is all non-English (Danish, German, and French, I think), so I can't identify what patterns the kits are actually for, but they seem really cool. Anybody know anything about them?


Eva Rosenstand needlework kits could be for cross-stitch, crewelwork, needlepoint - I'd have to see the contents to help!

Are they just paper patterns or do they include fabric and threads too?

if any of those cross stitch kits are silhouettes I will pay you monies for them. or black and whites like these:

Each kit should have a number on the pattern sheet. If you would list those, I might be able to find them in the older catalogs.

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